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Thread: Do you find that people notice your dominant function more or your auxillary?

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    It depends on the context. I'm generally just seen as quiet and removed from people.

    I would say that my Ne is more apparent in my real life simply because I don't self-reveal enough to display Fi, and my speech is rather random. I suppose I seem spacey. I also deal with things in a "P" way (you know, spontaneous, late, messy, all that jazz), and prefer creative & imaginative expression to warm, emotional expression. I have to feel really safe for that inner Fi to come out.

    In writing, I'd say that my Fi is more apparent. I find it much easier to be articulate in writing, which may be why I'm more comfortable exhibiting my Fi side.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OrangeAppled View Post
    It depends on the context.

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    People always notice my Ne, but my Fi seems to be well hidden. IRL I come over as an NTP to most people, INTP at school, ENTP to others.
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