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Thread: MBTI types of animals

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    I have been waiting for the opportunity to do this!

    ISFJ - Kangaroo
    ESFJ - Dog
    ISTJ - Bison
    ESTJ - Wolf

    ESTP - Eagle
    ISTP - Cat
    ESFP - Lion
    ISFP - Deer

    INTJ - Snake
    INFJ - Horse
    ENTJ - Bear
    ENFJ - Elephant

    INFP - Frog
    ENFP - Panda
    INTP - Fox
    ENTP - Owl
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    Decided to stray away from the usual (ENFJ = Dog, INTP = Owl) this time. Most of these are based from The Animal In You test.
    (I'm an ENFP Rooster myself)

    ESTP - Crocodile
    ISTP - Snake
    ESFP - Dolphin
    ISFP - Lark

    ESTJ - Eagle
    ISTJ - Rhinoceros
    ESFJ - Peacock
    ISFJ - Swan

    ENTP - Rooster
    INTP - Bat
    ENFP - Fox
    INFP - Cottontail

    ENTJ - Wolf
    INTJ - Vulture
    ENFJ - Elephant
    INFJ - Hummingbird

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fury View Post
    ISFJ - Swan
    I was looking for funny swan pictures to reply to this with and I found the perfect picture almost immediately.

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    Damn. DJA used to have a vid for this but he took it down.

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