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Thread: Se in organization?

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    Default Se in organization?

    I was having a discussion with an ENTJ friend, who wondered whether her use of tertiary Se might be helpful with organization tasks involving finding and categorizing items with great efficiency. I think of organization as more of a Te-driven activity, but she pointed out that initially recognizing things involves Se. Just wondering if anyone had insight into how Se might play into an ENTJ's organizational method.

    I think my perception of Se is as more immediate and sensation-seeking, but I can see where it would work in the above-described away in combination with certain functions. Still, in my experience the best organizers have had strong use of Si and Te in combination. But I think a lot of it has to do with overall intelligence and motivation, so maybe it's a mistake to try to break it down to this level. I'm curious to get others' thoughts.

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    Se is the mobilizing function for the ENTJ so while they may have developed organizational structure in their head they wont actually implement it without solid Se.

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