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Thread: Severe Introversion/Extroversion

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    Quote Originally Posted by 21% View Post
    I don't really have physical symptoms from being around people too much, except for, perhaps, exhaustion. I just get very, very unhappy. I stop functioning mentally and I go on auto-pilot until I can go home.


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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    without human interaction I start to feel a bit down and depressed and tired... I NEED to be around people to function, even though I feel like some sort of loser for saying that
    That doesn't make you a loser any more than needing a lot of alone time makes the typical introvert a loser.

    That said, I think this is a particularly important area to achieve some balance in. We're humans, we should enjoy and appreciate other humans and learn how we can reach out to them and them to us. It worries me that some people seem to think that human interaction is totally unnecessary to them. But it also worries me when people seem to have no capacity at all for being on their own.
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    To the OP: Definately do understand what you say, may not be as extreme though. I always thought I was a really introverted person, until I met a man that was so much more introverted than me. I didnt know him personally but from the outside looking in I could definately see a much stronger need for alone time, a harder time to express him self, a want to not be in the spotlight, than I myself experience.

    On the other hand Ive met people that have such a strong grip on what is going on around them and so focused on other people that it too can be really socially inhibiting. A person totally focused on extroversion can be as social inept as the person being focused on introversion.

    To come back to the OP I would say that as much I personally think Im an introvert, which I clearly am (atleast to myself), I also do have a natural liking for being in contact with other people to some degree. As a forum like this is excellent to supply me. But in really stand out situations like at parties, Ive never been the type to go early, Im always there atleast until the end of the party. So as much as Im kind of misanthropic towards most people (more for the dislike of how the general public is) I do enjoy the company of people I truly feel comfortable being around. And could be around them for several hours.

    Which is interesting to me when I consider my sister and myself. She is definately the expressive outgoing type, but over the years as we spend time together, my parents and I feel that she reaches a point where she has had enough of us after spending over a day with us. (my parents are introverts like me) And that is really interesting, plus we as introverts come to the conclusion its probably because she dont feel a connection with us, as we we feel when we like being around certain people. But this might be a very different and much more practical answer that we need to be looking for.

    Edit: And yes I didnt read the last paragraph it seems, I do feel headaches coming. After a day at work I need some time alone, in total silence or sleep, eventhough my job is not the most outgoing job there is. I do have times where I feel overstimulated and react in a way where I retrieve.

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    I get headaches sometimes, but mostly I just get really tired and I have to withdraw/detach. Basically, I become a zombie. I want to eat peoples' brains but I've been pretty good at controlling myself so far.

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    I'm climbing the walls after 2 days alone.

    I need not-alone time, to enjoy my alone time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salt n' pepper View Post
    I'm climbing the walls after 2 days alone.

    I need not-alone time, to enjoy my alone time.

    Very good way to put it.
    I really enjoy my alone time when I've worked for it!

    Most likely, If I've exerted myself, Somebody has benefitted. We've laughed together, had a good discussion, or solved some kind of problem. At the least, we've drawn closer in some way.

    But as that period of time comes to an end, I can't wait to get to my house. At that point, no internet, don't let that phone ring! and sometimes no other stimulation. Complete darkness. A nap.

    My re-energizing process can take 20 minutes to 10 hours.

    But I definitely need to interact with someone after that.

    Take this past Thursday: It was supposed to be such a bad snow storm that I worked from home. It was a bust of a storm that day. In fact, it didn't get bad until Friday morning. And the roads were bad Friday morning, but I preferred sliding my way into the office than sitting in my house another day.

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