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View Poll Results: If you had to change your type, what other type would you be?

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  • INTP

    8 5.16%
  • INTJ

    12 7.74%
  • ENTP

    29 18.71%
  • ENTJ

    26 16.77%
  • INFP

    5 3.23%
  • INFJ

    13 8.39%
  • ENFP

    8 5.16%
  • ENFJ

    20 12.90%
  • ISTP

    6 3.87%
  • ISFP

    6 3.87%
  • ESTP

    7 4.52%
  • ESFP

    3 1.94%
  • ISTJ

    0 0%
  • ISFJ

    4 2.58%
  • ESTJ

    4 2.58%
  • ESFJ

    4 2.58%
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Thread: What other type would you want to be?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CzeCze View Post
    Why, was he not heroic a character to make you want to switch?
    Well, no offense to her, but I don't think she impressed me enough to change my mind.
    Go to sleep, iguana.

    INTP. Type 1>6>5. sx/sp.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Poriferan View Post
    Well, no offense to her, but I don't think she impressed me enough to change my mind.
    Oooh, look at that, you caught me in a gender assumption.

    And I'm supposed to be a pinko...

    Stop checking me you do-gooder!!!


    Fine, I'll give you a reputation point but only this one time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FDG View Post
    I don't think we're heartless in comparison to ENFjs, we're less "social" let's say. Which entails the possibility of dedicating the excess free time that comes from lack of socializing towards making money, among all the available options.
    I don't think that ENTjs are not social, I just saying it from the that point that my best bud is an ENTj and sometimes he seems to have very little less simpathy for "things" than I do. I wish I didn't have to deal will all my emotions and be a little more "cold" like him.
    ENFJ 3W4

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiddo View Post
    Let's suppose that you were forced to or had to change your personality type and you could be any other type. What would you choose to be and why? Go with the first answer that comes to your mind, not what you reason would be the best.

    No copping out and saying you would stay with your current type, I want to know if there is a bias toward any particular personality type or if there is a pattern by which people would choose types if they could. And of course, I will make the poll "onymous".
    The first answer that came to mind was ENFP, based on the reasoning that I could not imagine not being Fi, but often my extreme introversion gets in the way of the pursuits that Fi motivates me toward. but even tho an ENFP does use Fi, its not their dominant function, so its hard to imagine what my mind would think like if the roles of Fi and Ne were reversed...

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    My ideal type would be ENFJ.

    I thought that I was ENFJ at one time in my life but then noticed that it was too good to be true. I'm too P for that and don't have Fe as my dominant function.

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    Default ENFJ

    I am a little surprised to see who voted the same way I did, but then it makes sense too in an MBTI-ish sort of way.

    Alcearos, athenian200, INTJMom, Jennifer, lecky, Usehername

    I chose ENFJ because I was thinking I'd get more done. I never have enough energy to do all my chores. ESTJs have the most immaculate houses, but I dislike all the ESTJ women I know.

    I love ENFPs but I wouldn't want to be one because I'm afraid I would procrastinate too much.

    I wouldn't want to be an S. I prefer being an N.

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    If i was not a intp, i think the type i'd want to be (but know i couldn't ever for they are too cool for alex ) is a INFJ, ENTP or a ISTP (i never met one but i like thier description)

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    Default ENTP

    Just being an "E" would be different. Of all the types, ENTPs seem the most laid back and that's something I'd like to try for a while.

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    I choose my type, INFJ but my favorite type is INTJ. I seem to get a long with them very well. I wonder why that is? *besides being married to one*

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    Weird timing... I've just been spending the last several days wishing with all my heart I were another type. ESFJ, preferably. So I could be useful in my chosen job, stay-at-home mom and wife. As an INFJ, I am failing abysmally. The only side of INFJ I do like is Fe, so I'd like to keep that and keep being a "warm" mom and wife. But I'd give anything to get rid of this utterly useless iNtuition and get some good grounded Sensing instead. And Extraverted because I'm sick and tired of always having to avoid people and cancelling on stuff and being generally useless socially. I'd much rather be one of those annoying human locomotives that are always getting things done.

    And not only would I jump at any opportunity to change my type, I would actually PAY to get my type changed, if that were possible. I hate being a useless* INFJ with every fiber of my being.

    (* I'm not saying all INFJs are useless: I'm just saying that no matter how hard I try, I just can't find a way to make my type work for me and my life. If I were stinking rich, with a maid and a cook and a nanny at home, and I could spend my time writing or something, then I guess being INFJ would not be so bad. As my life is, though, it's a curse.)

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