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Thread: Observer's Descriptions of the Four Dichotomies in Men and Women

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    Quote Originally Posted by disregard View Post
    Well, I am impressed with our forum, because there are many T females that aren't hostile and condescending, which is the rule.
    Yeah. And actually, I know healthy T females IRL too.

    I still intuit that a lot of it has to do with the culture; when you feel repressed and made into a second-class citizen, you automatically take a really defensive/antagonistic response to survive. It's pretty typical defender psychology, to either wilt or fight; and these people were selected from the 'fighter' side of things.

    Nowadays, despite some inequity, women have a lot more opportunity and the gender/family roles have loosened... less antagonism from the environment gives the opportunity to flourish and take less aggressive stances.
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    Excellent points.

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    Haha the female T description made me :ouch:

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    Quote Originally Posted by tawanda View Post
    Haha the female T description made me :ouch:
    yeah that was pretty mean

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    Just found this from the link in latentorganization's thread. I recall reading segments of this book on Amazon.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer View Post
    The largest factor to me seem to be culture. The samples were taken from 1956 to 1984 (!)... a time when there was a huge glass ceiling for women in the United States and including the span when the hardcore feminist movement was challenging the status quo.

    The majority of samples were taken from pools of people voted as successful by their peers... and in general just a few vocational areas... pretty hardcore ones like law students, mathematic PhD's, engineering, med school, and architecture.

    Out of the 30 INTP women polled (from a total female sample of 210), over half the sample was comprised of mathematicians with doctorates and law students.

    It doesn't really surprise me that a woman that successful in those fields at that time period would not fit the "cultural ideal" of femininity in US culture at that, would already feel defensive in that culture, and would be judged harshly by her peers, while males of the same type would be fit more comfortably into those vocations and be approved of by the culture.
    Interesting, that makes sense. Any thoughts on why INTJ women would have been less affected by this? If I recall correctly, they fared significantly better than the INTP women. Were there differerences in career choice between the two groups, or did they somehow adapt better?

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