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Thread: MBTI type strengths or interests?

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    Oops, I didn't remember correctly on you have on your profile. ESFPs out of S often have fairly good organizing systems--they just aren't the clockwork neatness you 'd find from, say, an ESFJ. ENFPs sometimes do it as escapism--organizing things or schedules turns off Ne and is restful for some.

    And yes you develop the other preferences but the theory says using the preferred ones will always feel like "coming home." You don't get equally good at both.

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    If you go by the most popular theory, ESFPs have tertiary Te (Your functions are Se Fi Te Ni). The tertiary is usually called the 'relief' function, so I guess in the right mood, you can do organizing and planning just fine, because Te isn't foreign to you.

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    A few years ago, i wouldn't agree with having good communication skills. It was rare for me to be able to get a point across well in person, but i've mostly broken free of that.
    Typically, the readouts say that ENFJs don't pay enough attention to their own needs or can be unaware of social protocol. Personally, i pay attention and am very aware, but put the necessity of both on the shelf. It's all calculated and known.

    The basis is correct though. I contemplated majoring in Art, but realized i found more joy when i helped others with it in my high school classes. I debated becoming a therapist, but i know most need to prescribe medication and that is unappealing. Now i've settled on Exercise Science as it's both something i enjoy and can prove helpful to people with more leeway.
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