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Thread: Introverted and Extraverted Side

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    Default Introverted and Extraverted Side

    So everyone has an introverted and extraverted side, right?

    And we can all tell the difference between how these two sides "feel" to us, right?

    So, I'm wondering if the behaviours that people exhibit when in these two "modes" can be correlated to the auxillary and tertiary functions.

    For example:

    • INP or ESJ (Si & Ne): Cautious and discerning one second, silly and ridiculous the next
    • ISP or ENJ (Ni & Se): Mysterious and mystical one second, loud and impressive the next
    • ITJ or EFP (Fi & Te): Emotional and empathic one second, cold and rational the next
    • IFJ or ETP (Ti & Fe): Analytical and logical one second, gregarious and likeable the next

    Any thoughts?

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    I think it's a combination of both the introverted and extraverted functions that go into play here, not just the aux and tertiary.

    Extraverted functions are easier, so for example I'll go with those. An NTP displays both Ne and Fe to others. The Ne plays and expands with ideas, the Fe tries to appeal to people. Think of an ENTP that has the silver tongue, or the INTP that comes out of the shell with the goofy demeanor. Both appeal to people. NFP on the other hand has Ne with Te. NFPs are better at handling smaller groups of people, or breaking large groups into individuals, due to not having Fe in the top functions. INFPs especially can be rather aloof even in comfortable situations because entertaining, for lack of a better word, is not a forte.

    Just a quick example anyway. You aren't off base in my opinion, but if you felt inclined I believe you could expand your idea quite a bit.

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    I'm assuming that the dominant is present in both situations and that you are hypothesizing that a person's change of mood is a change in the function serving as the helper. I will admit that descriptions often describe using the dominant-auxiliary and dominant-tertiary interactions. The auxiliary/tertiary functions will probably dictate the changes in such switches although the actual modes in either will both be heavily influenced by the dominant.

    The Si-Ne description fits me pretty well, although recently I've actually started to blur them. I am doing a little of both in both extroverted and introverted situations.
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    This is the shizz.
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    These sound good. I can relate.
    It makes me curious about the sequence. Which is the default and is it related to Extraversion/Introversion? Must you further take into account the unspecified letter? Is it just completely subjective regardless of code? Etc.

    I would imagine that the default pertains to E/I, but i got caught up in contemplating the ISTJs, INTJS, and ENFPs i've known. The INTJs seem to be more cold and rational by default, while the ISTJs seem more emotional and empathetic by default. I don't know any ESFPs so i can't compare that side of the spectrum and how they appear in contrast to ENFPs.
    Would it be something that lacks much value as long as the EFPs are still more emotional and empathetic?
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