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    I don't know what type the people I picked on were. Probably introverts. I never messed with kids with differences or eccentricities or anything like that. I was probably a little different myself. I REALLY doubt I ever picked on an INFP or ISFP either. I picked on the more defiant passive aggressive type of introverts (or what I saw as defiance..). I was horrible when certain people basically didn't kiss my ass.
    I fought with extroverts who challenged me too, but that's beside the point.

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    I got bullied throughout primary school mainly for being almost 2 years younger than my peers in my class, for being a weirdo, for being poor at sports and poorly coordinated as well as dressing like a grandpa.
    The main bullies, in retropect, would have been ESTP, ESFP and ESTJ for guys and also ESFJ for girls (yes I got bullied by girls too).

    Although I didn't care much, and it only impacted my self-confidence on the long run, reinforcing the sense of being a weirdo.

    However from teenage years on, I was not bullied anymore, and rather seen as that original guy that it's nice to talk to, and became relatively popular. I think American style jock/popular-girls kind of high school bullying is not something that has any equivalents in the French system though.
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    lol.. "dressing like a grandpa". i probably would have laughed, but sort of liked you as well.

    i wasn't exactly the best dresser myself. my first day in middle school, i had ducttape on my shoes and holes in my jeans. the preppy dudes pointed and laughed. but i eventually earned their respect,so to speak. at the same time, it got to me. i remember making friends with better dressed kids and borrowing their clothes a lot.

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    i was bullied in elementary school because i was a racial minority, a dress wearing tomboy, and because i was a goody two shoes with straight A's. it seemed the more i tried to be polite, forgiving, and avoid negativity, the more i got it hurled at me. it didn't help that i also openly defended the kids that were really bullied badly. kids called me a "fag" a lot. i explained to them that it didn't make sense to call a girl a fag and so they called me "poindexter" for a while after that

    so one day i decided to fight back, verbally of course, and told a bunch of kids off. they were stunned because i guess they expected me to quietly kind of take it or something. it was then i realized that being the nerd really had its advantages, because you can always make the person look as stupid as they are if need be with that big nerd brain of yours.

    some of those bullies ended up asking me for help with their schoolwork, actually. ha (in most cases i did help them, and tried to make amends as best i could. a couple of kids stopped bullying others because of that. i think it's true that some kids feel inadequate or stupid in comparison to others who they then bully to make themselves feel better, and if the bully-ee can try to be gracious and forgiving, it can make a difference -- this is an unnecessarily long parenthesis but i think this is true.)

    i didn't get bullied again until middle school. by this time i lived in a more homogeneous neighborhood, but i was comparatively poor and dressed in plainer clothes that the other girls attempted to ridicule me for. so i told them that if they were willing to judge someone solely on their clothes or socioeconomic status, that that was essentially the same kind prejudice as sexism, racism, or any other discrimination based on circumstances the other person cannot control. i even went so far as to point out to one particularly mean girl that as a jewish person she ought to understand what that kind of prejudice can do to people. (this girl had also mistreated friends of mine because of their races or simply because they were from other countries, so i had a bone to pick with her before she started hatin' on my hanes, lol)

    the looks on their face were priceless.

    INFPs sure look like perfect targets, but upset that Fi and be ready for retaliation...

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    Fi huh? So how would a bullied ISFP go about it?

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    How would an ISFP bully? Is it even possible?

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    Well... apparently I am an ISFP by tests, and by the estimate of a few ISFPs here.

    Cognitive tests say I'm more Se dominant than Fi though (ESFP) and fwiw, I'm fairly social.. and identify with some of the ESFP descriptions. I just don't identify with ESFP stereotypes or party animal bullshit (maybe I was inclined to that at one time, but going through rehab, a dose of spirituality, and lots of introspection changes people.).

    Anyways, I questioned myself before on being ISFP for the very reason you raise. How could I be aggressive in these ways in the past if I was ISFP? I woudn't know how to answer you. Maybe I'm just more of a laid back and friendly ISFP now, and was another way before.

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    In my personal experience they were the XSTJ's and XSTP'S :workout: (mainly the former)..... and the victims were often introverted NT's and NF's (the SF's that I knew did ok because the were able to blend in to the typical sensing T crowd)... I used to get bullied for a few years here and there... But then in the last few years before school I developed a sharp tongue toward those who acted too big for their boots so any dissidence was stamped out before it could develop.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fluffywolf View Post
    ENTP's aren't bullies, if they're seen 'bullying', it's more likely the bullee actually deserved it. And it wasn't really bullying but in the mind of the ENTP, deserved.
    I imagine that, more than most other types, ENTPs in their youth suffered victimization and, more crucially, humiliation by other children that influenced the organization of the adult personality.

    ENTPs are famous for their willingness to make fools of themselves for a laugh. Humiliation before others is an entirely different experience. I think that humiliation, and the experience of human cruelty in general, is probably key in understanding ENTP aggression. ENTPs did not spend all these years becoming who they are to be demeaned by inferiors. For me, at least, anybody who hurts me (or my own) brings out the worst and the best in my personality; you know how Snoop Dogg's yearbook photo reveals him as a nerd? Yeah, well, he was charged with murder and got away with it. He's straight ENTP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Craft View Post
    How would an ISFP bully? Is it even possible?
    My ISFP friend can be quite cruel on occasion.

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