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Thread: Which type is the most sexually liberal?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elfboy View Post
    you could fix this by getting a plaster mold of his penis and seeing how it fits in your vagina before you decide to marry him
    That's efficient.

    Anyways, I'd say ESFP.

    A man builds. A parasite asks 'Where is my share?'
    A man creates. A parasite says, 'What will the neighbors think?'
    A man invents. A parasite says, 'Watch out, or you might tread on the toes of God... '


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    Quote Originally Posted by DisneyFanGirl View Post
    May I please just stand by my decision? I'm not going on about having a bunch of sexual partners being wrong. There's obviously something wrong since around 50% of marriages end in divorce. I'm also well aware of the risks of waiting for marriage. I have a friend who did and she said the sex was painful because their bodies weren't compatible (let's just say it is possible to be TOO big, guys).

    I want to be emotionally and physically connected to only my husband. I don't want to be there on my wedding night comparing him to other men. I want my mind to be focused entirely on him.

    I think it's super sweet and idealistic going by this post. Aw.
    "We knew he was someone who had a tragic flaw, that's where his greatness came from"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saturned View Post
    Ignore them.

    Fi is about personal core values. If this is your personal value then it isn't up to anyone else to tell you what to believe or how to act.

    I don't understand why anyone in this thread cares if you sleep with 1000 men or 1 in your lifetime.
    because it's different from the norm, and that makes it fascinating, which makes people curious.

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    esfps for girls..
    guys...all types lol.

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