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Thread: Not fitting your type description because of...

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    Default Not fitting your type description because of...

    Over-emphasized dichtomies. That's right. However, most particularly introversion. That's also correct, introversion. Out of all the 8 preferences, why introversion?
    Well, types are based on functions as well. But say I am atypical, and an introvert. I am an INTJ. Okay, I'm an INTJ. Like I said, atypical. Is this even possible, I ask of you people? Can anyone relate? Hypothetically, and let us not get carried away here, an INTJ has extremely underdeveloped extroverted functions. That would make his Te function, so to say, near invisible. What kind of person is that in real life, what does he do? What description will ever fit him if he can not come into the light so we can see how he acts on the spot, and how he fits "externally" into the world? And how will we know if he's a true INTJ if he does not fit the description? He's not worried about fitting in, he wants to know what's wrong with the theory.

    One believes himself to be INTJ because he relates strongly with Ni description and secondly to Fi description. Ni almost acts as logic to him too. So function theory says, probably INTJ. Function tests say one is an odd case, probably INTJ. Dichotomy test says INXP. Well, sure. If one has a weak extroverted J function, than is it likely that the P/J axis will normalize? Funny I should use the word normalize to describe this person.

    One tidbit of information. This profile fits the best, but mainly the neutral non-J parts:

    I intuit that a good number of people online relate to me in this sense. They test as P, but are by little means Pe.

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    ^That whole post is Te.

    (With a liberal helping of Ni expressionism and Fi motive. Welcome aboard the good ship NTJ.)
    Bellison uncorked a flood of horrible profanity, which, translated, meant, "This is extremely unusual."

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