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Thread: Tertiary Attracted to Primary Function

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    I know that I like my INTP a lot. We are very compatible. So it works one way. My INTP also likes me a lot and I don't think he would be compatible with an ISFJ, though there might be an initial attraction if the ISFJ was fascinated with him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PinkPiranha View Post
    ENTP > ESFJ, ENFJ [Fe]
    Sounds like you're setting up ENTPs and ESFJs. No thanks. I have a close ESFJ friend, and that's hard enough, but DATING someone like that would be a DISASTER.

    Tertiary-primary relationships seem like they'd cause a lot of, i dunno, jealousy. i find that my ESFJ friend and I spend a lot of our time together bitching about how we wish we had more of the others' strengths.
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    I echo what BBNB said early in the thread.

    Don't believe this kind of pairing works so well for xNTPs. I like (even prefer) Fe over Fi but do not gel so well with Fe doms. I don't think the theory has to work for all types to be accurate or hold merit though.

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