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Thread: What do you like about being an (insert type)?

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    Default What do you like about being an (insert type)?

    I've seen this question answered on a few threads and I'd like to make a general thread about this.
    List some reasons why it is great to be a (insert type here)!

    Why it is great to be an ENTP:

    1) I can set up showy experiments to explain difficult physical (and even mathematical) concepts with no more than a few sticks, a ball and a roll of duct tape.
    2) I can solve problems by not thinking about them. To solve a problem, I'll mow the lawn, do the laundry... and then those boring day-to-day tasks are done too.
    3) I'm quite good at improvising: lessons, speeches... Granted, my prepared ones are better, but sometimes the situation changes drastically and I'll hold my ground. Probably no-one but I knows when I go from prepared to improvising and back. (I have to know the subject thoroughly, though.)
    4) A very wise man once told me: "If you're good at pottery, you'll make nice things but not outstanding ones. If you're good at maths, you will solve nice problems but not outstanding ones. But you've combined both, representing mathematical concepts in clay. That's what creates greatness - combining two or more of your strenghts."
    5) I'm never bored. There are always shiny new theories to discover.
    6) I can write anywhere. Five minutes on the train? I take a small writing-book, write a few sentences and close it again. Waiting at the doctor's? The booklet comes out again and I continue where I left off.
    7) I take negative remarks at face value and not personally. (eg. You're fat -> Not true, BMI = 23. Your lessons are a mess -> True, I'll try to do better.)
    8) You don't have to agree with my beliefs, world-view or values to be a friend of mine.
    9) I will not change my beliefs, world-view or values to be a friend of yours or to blend in with the crowd. However, I will change them when given valid arguments.
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