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Thread: What is the Most Accurate Way to Discover Type?

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    Smile What is the Most Accurate Way to Discover Type?

    In the realm of statistics and personal experience, what is the most accurate method of realizing one's type? From my observations, I have noted numerous techniques used:

    -Free Online MBTI Testing

    -Functional Measurement Testing

    -Circumspect observation in tandem with theory or prior experience

    -Personal Functional Research

    -Archetypal Research

    -Clinical (?) / Professional Testing

    I know that my question is dubious from the start, as there is no objective method for confirming one's MBTI Archetype. Furthermore, it is unethical for anyone other than the individual in question to confirm his/her Archetype. However, I would be interested in the most statistical and successful research possible.

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    I was thinking the other day that somebody trying to discover their type should probably take several tests including mbti, socionics, cognitive functions tests, and save all of their results.

    Then they should research it all and understand the theory, then come up with their own type.

    THEN they should compare.

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    Flip a coin.
    If a deaf INFP falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?

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    Look at your history, the kinds of decisions you've tended to take and the underlying motivations why. It'll give you a clue. It would also help to get an objective observer to study your habits for a while, then give you their opinion.

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