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Thread: Type titles

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    Quote Originally Posted by cascademn View Post
    ISFJ: The Nurturer (I know this is a common title for ISFJ, but I'm having a hard time finding a more suitable word. The ISFJ female I know just exudes this quality - maybe Caregiver?)
    Is nurturing is the core competency of the ISFJ? I actually don't know many. What about ESFJ - is it hosting?

    Quote Originally Posted by Kyrielle View Post
    Or, ESFJ - The Mother
    Oh yeah, that one will go down real well with the male ESFJs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by athenian200 View Post
    What about these:

    ENFJ -- Organized Sentimentalist
    INFJ -- Analytical Sentimentalist

    ENFP -- Creative Sentimentalist

    INFP -- Pure Sentimentalist
    ENTJ -- Directive Analyst

    ENTP -- Creative Analyst
    INTP -- Observant Analyst

    INTJ -- Pure Analyst
    ISTJ -- Pure Guardian

    ISFJ -- Helpful Guardian
    ESTJ -- Analytical Guardian

    ESFJ -- Sentimental Guardian

    ESFP -- Pure Seeker

    ESTP -- Practical Seeker

    ISTP -- Analytical Seeker

    ISFP -- Sentimental Seeker

    That was just what occurred to me as I was reading the type descriptions and functional orders.
    Many of those hit home well. THere's a bit systematic quality to naming but it's ok The bolded was what I thought particularly well described, which was many

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    Stolen from a website:
    * ISTJ - The Duty Fulfillers
    * ESTJ - The Guardians
    * ISFJ - The Nurturers
    * ESFJ - The Caregivers
    * ISTP - The Mechanics
    * ESTP - The Doers
    * ESFP - The Performers
    * ISFP - The Artists
    * ENTJ - The Executives
    * INTJ - The Scientists
    * ENTP - The Visionaries
    * INTP - The Thinkers
    * ENFJ - The Givers
    * INFJ - The Protectors
    * ENFP - The Inspirers
    * INFP - The Idealists

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    hahahahahha I love being ENFP... we get all the great names. creative sentimentalist....inspirer

    don't you wish your type was hot like me? :P
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    My perennial favorites.

    ENTJ: The Evil Overlord
    ENTP: The Mad Scientist
    ENFJ: The Cult Leader
    ESFJ: The Control Freak
    ESTJ: The Bureaucrat
    INFJ: The Conspiracy Theorist
    INFP: The Idealist
    ENFP: The Scientologist
    ISTJ: The Thought Police
    ESFP: The National Enquirer Headline
    INTP: The Egghead
    INTJ: The outside contractor
    ISTP: The Psycho Vigilante
    ISFP: The Crackpot
    ISFJ: The Martyr
    ESTP: The Conman

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    Going from my medieval mindset, there are the equivalents I tend to think of...

    INTP - the hermit in the tower
    ENTP - the explorer
    INTJ - the cardinal
    ENTJ - the warrior king
    INFP - the poet
    ENFP - the troubadour
    INFJ - the mediator
    ENFJ - --- I don't know, I can never get along with them so whatever I say will be biased and probably unfair, e.g. 'the self-righteous pain in the ass'
    ISTP - the craftsman
    ESTP - the merchant
    ISTJ - the inquisitor
    ESTJ - the clerk/administrator
    ISFP - the chamber maid
    ISFJ - the matriarch
    ESFP - the trend setter
    ESFJ - the moralist

    EDIT - actually, I might swap ISFJ and ESFJ around there...
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    It seems like it's easier to come up with names for some types than for others. Anywho here are some I thought of:

    INTP - The Theorist
    ENTJ - The Executor
    ENTP - The Nonconformist, The Actualizor, The Game Changer, The Random Idea Machine
    INTJ - The Planner, The Researcher, The Derangedly Efficient
    INFP - The Dreamer
    ENFP - The Free Spirit
    ENFJ - The Mentor
    INFJ - The Confidant
    ISTP - The Practical Thinker, The Coolheaded Badass
    ESTP - The Person of Action, The Hotheaded Badass
    ESFP - The Socialite, The Life of the Party
    ISFP - The Artist, The Self-Expressor
    ESTJ - The Role Model
    ESFJ - The Social Coordinator, The Parent
    ISTJ - The Loyalist, The Determined, The Steadfast
    ISFJ - The Nurturer, The Protector, The Faithful
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    INTP: The Scientist
    ENTP: The Lawyer
    INTJ: The Doctor
    ENTJ: The Executive

    INFP: The Poet
    ENFP: The Journalist
    INFJ: The Prophet
    ENFJ: The Teacher

    ISTJ: The Soldier
    ESTJ: The Businessman
    ISFJ: The Nurturer
    ESFJ: The Nurse

    ISTP: The Engineer
    ESTP: The Orator
    ISFP: The Artist
    ESFP: The Actor
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    Quote Originally Posted by sassafrassquatch View Post
    INFJ: The Conspiracy Theorist
    I sooooo want to throw up the BS flag on that one...but sadly I can't because I started the "Is the Government out to get me" thread.

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    ESTP: Late, Loud and Losing Your Stuff
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