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Thread: What do you think of Kolbe?

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    Default What do you think of Kolbe?

    [Kierkegaard: either/or] At the moment of choice, he is at the point of consummation, for his personality is consummating itself, and yet at the same moment he is at the very beginning, because he is choosing himself according to his freedom. As a product he is squeezed into the forms of actuality; in the choice he makes himself elastic, transforms everything exterior into interiority. He has his place in the world; in freedom he chooses his place---that is, he chooses this place

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    "Conation" basically refers to the Keirseyan groupings, as Berens even labels it (While Interaction Styles are "affective', and cognitive processes are "cognitive").
    So Kolbe's syles are very similar to the Keirsey temperaments (though she doesn't go into type).
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