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Thread: Introverts- When you need to "recharge"

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post
    1. What happens to you personally?
    2. What are some experiences?
    3. What causes you to need to "recharge?"
    Too much input of any type. If I attend a meeting and there are layered dynamics with subtext and implied, but not expressed emotions, then I will get rather tired by the end even if I am not trying to think about those details. If I hear a lot of loud voices for an extended period of time it drains me. Over-stimulation of emotions or senses of any type can have a bit of a physical effect on me. I get recharged by minimizing external distractions and having the ideas in my head coalesce in some manner. Any increase in coherence whether it is greater understanding of the relationship between ideas, a more harmonious social/emotional interaction, a sense of connection in nature, ideas or objects being organized, etc. makes me feel stronger and more centered.
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    Since I am still a student I usually get plenty of alone time everyday so I usually get plenty of time to recharge, but when I do get into situations where there are a lot of people (like going home for the holidays, family vacations, etc) I find myself getting anxious and just very irritable at everyone. If I can't handle it, I just walk out on people and find a spot where I can be alone. Mind you, I am used to a good 15 hours or more everyday being alone so being in a situation where I am constantly around anyone can make me a little insane. I can handle it for a few days sometimes, but other times, not really.

    When I was little I remember going on a church youth camp out and I needed space so I got up and walked away--didn't tell anyone where I was going--totally freaked my parents out.

    I think what sets off my need to recharge though is just constant people interaction--I can take sensory overload, information overload, over even living in a city or spending time in crowded areas--as long as I am not expected to interact with others. I can be alone around others, but when I really need to recharge, my brain stops being able to handle anything and it won't settle down until I can be alone to just stop everything and think.
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