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Thread: How does your mind work?

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    I could go on and on about how my mind works. I am an introvert, after all. But no one wants to read a novel, so I'll try to limit it to something especially neat (at least to me).

    The neatest thing to me about how I process thoughts has to do with the way I approach belief. When someone asks me a simple question like whether I think there's a God, I find it almost impossible to answer. I don't think strictly in terms of true and false; for any given object, I hold many contradictory beliefs at the same time. So someone will ask me if God exists, and at once these many layers will superimpose themselves over each other: To you, God is real, so yes. Religion doesn't appeal to me, so no. God is an idea, and ideas are real, so yes. The concept of God doesn't make sense, so no. And everything is true and false at once, so yes, no, both, and neither.

    This leads to a lot of indecisiveness on my part. Whenever I latch onto one layer, it ends up feeling arbitrary; I've only done it because that layer appeals to me, and I could just as easily reach for something else. So I keep asking myself whether I shouldn't change my mind, and the more I consider that question, the more detached from objective reality I become. At some point, everything starts to seem meaningless and arbitrary, like a scattering of unconnected dots. I could see someone going mad if they stayed very long in that state of mind; it's incredibly alienating, and makes me long for someone to pull me out of it. It does, however, lead to a tremendous level of flexibility. Once I reach that point, I can see countless ways to dive back into reality, and I can choose any of them I like.
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    Assumption: My mind works.

    I'm still trying to justify that assumption.
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    Response #1- NEVER ask an ENFP how their mind works.

    Response #2- Unless you want a crazy drawn out answer complete with enough randomness and thought jumping to kill a sensor.

    Response #3- Or you can relate to an acid trip.

    Response #4- Actually, not even I know how my mind works.
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    Like an Indigo Chyldes, apparently.

    I really don't want to get into it. We both might get lost.
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    This is my mind: take all of the stereotypes you know, drug them with alcohol, pot and extacy and lock them up together in a tiny little box. It's not that I'm schizophrenic, but it seems to me that I'm always arguing with myself. You have hippie-me, superhero-me, Harry Potterfan-me, barbie-me, my-mom-me, my-dad-me, Gandhi-me, emo-me, wigger-me, catholic-me, slutty-me, Eric Cartman-me, politically-correct-whiner-me and so on. All those mes together are never really able to compromise, so sometimes the more (on that moment) appropriate mes need to shut the more inappropriate mes up.
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    thats kind of funny!

    Inner voices always. I often argue with myself. Typically it is easy to parse into the Fi opinion and the Te opinion, although I get shades of Ne playfulness mixed in. Fi is being filled with pure love for things around me, a fuzzy mist that pours out of my body and makes me blur into other people. It reaches out and touches them and "feels" them. If they are in pain, Fi will take that pain inside of me to try and understand how to solve it. Ne is like a vacuum feeding everything emotive around me into Fi to analyze.

    Te is a giant wall I use to block all of the input as it can be very hard absorbing other people all day long.

    Te combined with Ne also allows me to take a meta approach to the Fi people info I absorb. I understand "patterns of people". I develop models to explain the patterns. I watch them do things, and after a few times I can predict what will happen with those same groups next time. I listen to a plan, can forsee the Te systemic issues with the plan, then can forsee how the individuals involved WILL respond due to Fi. So I plan accordingly or advise corrections before the plan is implemented.

    I can sense changes in the "flow" of conversation, text or behavior. NeTe picks up on incongruent parts-there was a blip in the matrix so to speak. I can scan the people-things around me at a very high level and identify where the "problem/lump" is. Inconsistentancies are obvious. I will misunderstand why the change happened (especially with TiFe) but I can see the change is there.

    In an organization setting I can see where the "lumps" are-the areas where there are people problems that prevent proper flow of information/work and buildup of resentment/unhappiness. It is obvious to me but to explain to other people can take an hour or so depending upon the problem, then sometimes it is hard to logically explain why.

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    This is interesting lets go into my head and see what I can dig out.

    Often times my head is in the clouds and I'm in my own little world. I could be thinking anything from a song to philosophy. I often think about why people act the way they do. What environment were they raised in, what values were they taught, who were their friends, where do they work, what is their natural personality type, what is their economic status, and etc. With those thoughts, I am able to act in a way to make their day a more positive day. I am able to tell the mood of a person just by looking at them.

    I really do value peach and harmony, so it is very difficult for me to cause any kind of conflict. Making others happy is what makes me happy. I can tell people the truth when the time arises because I do know it will make them happier in the end or at least the pain will hurt less.

    When problems arise my mind is hard at work to find a solution and/or make a plan. I just don't feel very good until one of these two things happens. I just can't let things slide by. If there is no problems/challenges, it is easy for me to just go with the flow.

    Patterns of all sorts come easy, but memorizing comes pretty hard. Sometimes I can notice every little detail (did you wear make up, are you tired, did you dye your hair, did you cut your hair, etc). I do, however, have an easy time remember events from a long time ago.

    I love symbolism and often think of ways to express aspects of live by symbolism.

    One of my philosophies in life is to always try to have balance. There is a time and place for everything (work/play, relaxing/exercising, reading/watching, group/alone, etc). Life is like walking on a tight rope. If you lean too far in one direction, you will fall off. Instead of falling to your doom there is a net to catch you. That net is the mercy we should give others for messing up. We climb up that latter again learning how to be more balanced. Other people can act as a balancing pole for you as well, so you don't fall off.

    I could write more, but this is a good general idea of my mind.

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    Here is another thread like this. Lots of info.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Yloh View Post

    I really do value peach and harmony.
    Is that a new ice cream flavor?
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