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Thread: Shadow Effect

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    Default Shadow Effect

    Inspired by psychiatrist Carl Jung, author Debbie Ford discussed why our dark side-- consisting of suppressed emotions and unresolved internal conflicts--
    can lead to destructive behavior. We are taught to hide and suppress negative aspects of ourselves such as being angry, selfish, or mean-- but, by not
    accepting these parts, people can end up sabotaging themselves, and seeing these traits surface in unwanted ways, she explained.

    The dark side in ourselves is not equated with evil, but rather part of just being human, she said. Addiction, she noted, is a disease of the mind and
    brought on by the locked up and suppressed aspects of our ourselves. Through "shadow work," people make peace with themselves, and find compassion for their imperfections, said Ford.

    This is only part 1

    Here is a free test

    I was pretty happy about my results, I scored 20.

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    I got 62.

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