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Thread: What types have influenced your personality the most?

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    ESTP guys


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    My ISF mother, my NTJ father, my friends (mostly ESP) and my extremely ESTJ school.
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    INTJ friend introduced me to MBTI. Constantly advises + argues with me on everything.

    ENTJ, I learned about feelings, conflict, support.

    ISTP friend, I learned about purity and the full expression of the individual.

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    The types that have influence me are:

    My IsTP dad - He was always encouraged my independence and helped me develop my Ti. He may not have understood me very well but he understood me enough.

    My (incredibly unhealthy) ESTP mom - She is the example I use of what I cannot ever be. She left when I was seven.

    My ESTJ brother - After my mom left I basically had to raise him. He's my younger brother and he taught how to be patient.

    My INFP best friend - I met her when I was eight and she was my lifeline when I needed some understanding, a great conversation, or simply some fun

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    My INTP dad, who influenced me a good bit in general. He was pretty much the only parent that understood me, and I got a good bit of influence from him in general. When comparing him to my mom, I learned that logically thinking things through will almost always get you a better result than just going by your emotions to make decisions. I learned to use a straight line of reasoning. I learned to be agnostic, my dad would always explain things that made sense to him about life and why, and even thinking of them now they still make sense. I learned to go with your instincts and just have fun, he went to college just for fun, he's been a professional musician for 50 years and has been successful and made money doing it.

    My ENFJ mom, who basically taught me a few things about emotions. I learned from her mistakes, I would NOT make decisions based on emotions, ever, unless it was around something personal (such as a relationship/friendship with someone) where you just simply couldn't use logic to make a decision. I learned to be careful with credit cards. I learned from her selfishness that if you are selfless, if you put people before you, that they will do the same for you. I learned to not burn my bridges with people just because of an emotion that comes up in my moment. I learned that if I misuse my intuition then things will seriously get fucked up in my life, so I attempt to not let myself be controlled by it but go by the most realistic solution to things all the while hearing my intuitive voice that helps me in life.

    My ESTJ step mom, she made me learn to look at things from other people's points of view, since she would never do that and just made her decisions based on what she thought was right. I also was forced to get some Te in me to combat her ridiculous rules in my house and just generally her ridiculousness. I basically learned that to be a good parent, I need to do the opposite of what she did for me (which was completely deconstructive for me). I learned that you aren't right unless you consider every viewpoint and it's reasonable then.

    My INFJ best friend. He was someone I could really relate to when I was in a period in my life where I didn't know anyone like me. Yeah he was (and still is) that "lifeline" friend, and I'm like that for him too.
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    My ENFP Dad. My mentor, my teacher, my best friend.
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    ISFJ mother - "Live your dreams, respect others, stand your ground, dress warm and eat healthy."

    ISFP grandfather - Still the calmest, the most open minded, kindest, the most selfless and through and through, the best person I've come across. "Enjoy the moment, adore nature, take a delight in fish, follow your heart, stay positive and all roads lead to Rome."

    ESTP friend - "Live in the moment, don't think so much, come back to earth."

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    istjs - Te, responsibility, not complaining, being honorable, etc
    infps - art, feeling, expression and cultivation of personal values, + warmth and affirming words
    entps - alter ego devil on my shoulder
    intjs - intense recognition and acceptance, getting shit done, crassness, and comedy!
    infjs - comparing notes on life (tho didn't realize it at the time)
    intps - great storytellers/liars, a useful skill to emulate/learn, + KNOWLEDGE (fellow e5s!)

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