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Thread: The 8 Functions Talking

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    Lol, it's just a stupid game. The author obviously sucked when it comes to how to identify the functions. I identified the least with 7 and 8 or "Fe and Fi".
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    Interesting, the first thing I thought was:
    hmmm, fences are made of wood... wait, some fences are not... blah blah blah

    The second thing was:
    I might google 'how to build a fence' to get the general idea.

    I think that sort of corresponds to:
    6. I want to analyze the structure and placement of the fence.
    4. Iíll take care of looking at the instructions and making sure that we follow the established guidlines.

    The last thing I thought about was style:
    3. I want to decorate the fence and make sure that it looks stylish and appealing

    Breakdown: I had an instant clear vision of a fence in my mind, I don't need to design a fence, I worry about that when I get there. Analyzing things has slowly developed for me, it's usually the first thing I apply, without thinking about it too much. Lastly, I feel that I can't rely on my own knowledge and I need several opinions to be certain of what I'm doing. That's precisely how my mind works, does this mean I might not be ENTP?
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    I thought 2 too, but then I was all, "Of course I don't want just anybody getting into my yard and messing shit up, especially if I'm making a project out of it."
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    Is it okay that I didn't follow directions and instead just prioritized the list? 'cause I like breaking rules like that.

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