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Thread: J/P -- "What to do" vs. "What things are"

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    Default J/P -- "What to do" vs. "What things are"

    An idea for the J/P dichotomy.

    I was thinking we might be able to make a general statement that using J means being more accustomed to figuring out "What to do," whereas using P means being more accustomed to figuring out "What things are" or "Who people are." I think this is an extension of the definition: Js are accustomed to "judging" what to do with a situation, whereas Ps are accustomed to "perceiving" the nature of a situation.

    This was partly derived from looking at these specific functions:

    Te, Fe -- What to do
    Ti, Fi -- What it is

    So maybe, in fact, it would be better to modify/clarify my original point by using the title to contrast extroverted judging functions from introverted judging functions. It fits with what I've said, because xxxP means judging preference is introverted and xxxJ means judging preference is extroverted.

    Ideas, criticism, adjustments?
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    I approve, yes. This is one of the finest clarifications for the ever hard J/P distinction.

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