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Thread: J/P and anger

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    Quote Originally Posted by Walking Tourist View Post
    Mostly, I just get sad.
    But mean people make me very angry.
    It takes a lot to get me to show my anger.
    Only a few people know how to press my buttons.
    Most people can't find the buttons.
    And, when I'm angry, it doesn't last long. I get distracted and forget about it.
    Me too. And even when I am angry I have to be really upset to go about showing it. Usually if I think someone is being intolerable I'm either sarcastic or I leave, more often I leave. It just takes up too much energy to get truly angry.

    I personally think that's ironic since I came from a very angry family so I know how to throw a real proper fit, but I virtually never do.

    "I have never in my life envied a human being who led an easy life; I have envied a great many people who led difficult lives and led them well."
    -Teddy Roosevelt

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheChosenOne View Post
    Yeah, it seems like J's get more angry and whiny but P's get more sad and mopey. You can particularly see this with FJ vs. FP.
    Just in my experience, I've found that when I actually feel anger about something, it's a sign for me that the issue is close to the tipping point or close to being resolved emotionally for me.

    As in, I've felt too much sadness about something. I'm done with that. Time for anger! [Several minutes of being angry later] OK, I'm done with that too. Next!

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    Ps get angry when people deny reality. Js get angry when people deny the agreed-upon rules.

    They're sort of two sides of the same coin.

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