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Thread: Type suited & not suited for running a business?

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    Depends on the business.

    My ENFP boss runs a bike shop; he goes and rides his bike whenever he wants (he used to race in Europe professionally) and leaves the business part of running the business to power-hungry INTJ boss who knows nothing about bikes but can run the business while the rest of the teens or 20-something employees do the bike bits.

    ENFP boss, when he is in, is an A+ with being a boss and with customer interaction and making them not feel stupid even though they unknowingly are talking to one of the most knowledgeable guys about bikes in the country.
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    I think that most sucessful small businesses have two or three people so each person can compensate for the others' weekness.

    For example you might have one to do the accounting, ordering supplies, etc. and other one to do the selling and customer service.

    I have seen many people that were talented artist or crafts people with a really beautiful product, but lacket the skills to market their product.


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    Quote Originally Posted by oberon View Post
    Knowing myself, I would say that an ENTP shouldn't run a business alone. He needs some J to do the accounting and keep the schedule. If an ENTP is part of a business startup, he or she is best employed doing creative work, marketing, or R&D.
    Luckily, if you're the one who hires that J, you're still the one running the business! I plan on having a few hundred in my lifetime. However, I think it's dumb to pay people to compensate for your own weaknesses. Pay them to save time, but not because your limited in what you can achieve alone. Js often hate the dirty work too, so what do they have that I don't? Nothing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ilah View Post
    I have seen many people that were talented artist or crafts people with a really beautiful product, but lacket the skills to market their product.

    i think it's well-founding fact that most artists (the talented ones especially) is more heavy or developing well in their right-brain (creating arts or crafts) , but very weak in the left-brain (which is all the business & marketing parts).

    and this seems true also in my country (indonesia) everytime i see some quite famous artists, which only further proven the fact above.

    and me is no exception.
    though i'm already 26 yrs old now, and i'm passionate at music, yet i still have very little ideas about the business thingy, and also on HOW to turn my passion into a business, a thing i'm very weak, unfortunately (i'm all about composing beautiful tunes).

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