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Thread: Wholistic view of the self

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    Cool Wholistic view of the self

    hi all,

    so, Ive been pondering upon this: for us to learn about ourseleves and succeed in life by communicating better in our relationships, and changing ourselves for the better, we need to look at ourseleves not just through MBIT, but other attributes as well.

    Here's a list of areas we would need to explore to know ourselves completely. What other "systems" can you identify?

    some of these may overlap, or may be the same thing:

    1. Nature we're born with
    2. MBIT
    3. Eneagrams
    4. Experiences growing up
    5. Oppurtunities given to us
    6. Culture/Tradition
    7. Self-Esteem/Self-Confidence
    8. Learning ability
    9. IQ

    or are most of these part of MBIT and other Type systems?


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    For MBTI to be considered truly useful in understand one's self, it must be used alongside a variety of other "tools", including (but, naturally, not limited to) those that you have listed.

    Things such as IQ and learning ability, however, are not taken into account by MBTI, which tends to avoid aptitude measurement.

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    Well, in general T's and NT's in specific, have a little bit of a headstart when it comes to IQ. (Because a large part of the IQ test is really easy for those cognative functions. Ie. The IQ test is in a way biased towards NT's.)

    But there's dumb NT's and smart SF's too! My sister has a pretty high IQ for an ESFJ.

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    Tests just indicate trends in regard to this subject. At the same time, one's perception and experience with oneself will be an entirely subjective experience. You know yourself; these tools work best by giving you a logical framework by which to understand your particular quirks and where they may come from.

    Just look at all the members with "x" in their type. In all likelihood they fall into the spectrum of one type, but these spectra can overlap. This is why I think it's necessary to figure out the correlation in brain activity and find what's really going on, and what's really different.

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    Red face

    Do you know of a book or resource that speaks to the best way to solve self-confidence, anxiety to please etc. etc. issues for certain Types?

    I think MBTI gives us tremendous information to know who we are, but its only 1 layer. Taken by itself, it can really point us in the wrong direction ... or slow our growth down in changing for better ... yes thats my J (reformer) talking.

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