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Thread: Is there such a thing as worst match?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tamske View Post
    What do you count? The functions?
    Which type did you use as reference?
    Cause INTP vs INTP can only be 0% or 100% whichever thing you're counting.
    The standpoint is ESFP. The Nemesis INTJ. Between them there is three grades.

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    They have matches in socionics, but as far as MBTI it seems less perfected in that sense, since socionics is about relationships. So I can safely say that some Fe dominant type is my worst match. However on a realistic scale, it depends upon the person.

    I would not say that INTJ and ESFP are necessarily nemeses, since a large amount of INTJ are probably ILI in socionics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KarenParker View Post
    I've read that keeping the two inner functions the same and having the opposite functions on the ends determines your "best match." (For example, ESFP/ISFJ) So then I was wondering, does that mean that keeping the two functions on the end and switching the ones in the middle would be your worst match? (For example, ESFP/ENTJ) That might make sense because I've never met an ENTJ I didn't think was a total @&*$% but it also seems like it wouldn't be that black and white. I know in socionics they have "conflict relationships" and that would be your complete opposite (For example, ESFP/INTJ)...

    Back when I thought i was ENTJ, I was sort of dating an ESFP
    --similar energy levels
    --fun times
    --i dont think she could ever get over my strangeness (N)

    However, I wouldnt say it was "the worst" match ever...then again Im pretty sure im ENFJ.

    Theres a theory out there that supports nearly EVERY possible match! You just pick and choose, and you can justify any match. For example:

    ENTJ and ESFP
    Te Se
    Ni Fi
    Se Te

    They could be a great match cuz they share eachothers tertiaries! it could be an energizing relationship!

    other examples:
    ENFJ ISTP could be great cuz they share the Ni-Se axis! Or ESFJ ISTP could be better cuz they share S! Or ENFJ ISTJ could be better because they cover up each others shadow functions rather than inferiori functions!. or ESFJ ISTJ could be better because they share SJ temparement.

    It literally goes on and on.

    BUT, my intuitions still tell me that these are bad: INTJ ESFJ and ESFP INTP. ENTJ and ESFJ. ESTP and INFP. Actually...I recognize a pattern here...

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