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  • an "achievable" result?

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  • a "desired" result?

    3 23.08%
  • the "best" result "possible"?

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  • an "embraced" result?

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Thread: What type of results to you aim for?

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    Default What type of results to you aim for?

    I am curious.

    Do you aim for "achievable" results?
    If so, how do you decide what is "achievable"?

    Do you aim for "desired" results?
    If so, how do you decide what is "desired"?

    Do you aim for the "best" result "possible"?
    If so, how do you decide what is "best" and what is "possible"?

    Do you aim to get an "embraced" result?
    If so, how do you decide what is (and will be) "embraced"?

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    I would say that I aim for a desired goal, and decide what I desire through some combination of other people's thoughts, my own logic, and often just intuitive guesses.

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    I put "desired" but "virtually impossible" would have been a better fit.
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    The best possible for me.
    That is, of all the possible outcomes, the one which corresponds more to the efford paid and the objectives aimed.
    At work, this also would mean, the one which is closer to my initial assumptions

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    Set in the right order, achieved objectives accumulate as a resource.

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