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Thread: Any types that you never met?

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    I'm sure I've encountered them all at some point. However, within my small life circle of family/friends there are no (that I can identify) ISFJs, ENxJs, or ENFPs.
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    I am still waiting to finally meet an ISTP and I am not sure I have ever knowingly met an ENFJ. With every other type I can think of at least one person I personally know who is this type.

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    I don't know any ESTJs. I'm sure I've met plenty, though.

    I could list friends of every other type.

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    I've known several of each type except ENFJ. I only know one person that I can say for sure is ENFJ, although there are a couple of other people that I speculate are ENFJ.
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    >Blondes, I never met a Blonde. I once met a blonde but she had got her hair coloured brunette -.-
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    I've never met any definite ESTJs or ESTPs. In general, I've had very limited contact with all of the SPs.

    Also, the only definite INFP I've ever met in RL was an internet friend I met up with. (Although I'm guessing this might be because of that "it's harder to recognize your own type" thing ...)

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