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Thread: What types are your family and friends?

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    Father: ISTJ 6p31 sp/so RLOAN
    Mother: ESFP 782 sx/so SLUEN
    Myself: INTJ 845 sx/sp RCOEI
    Brother: ESTP 379 sp/so SCOEN
    Sister: ENFP 728 so/sx SLUAN
    Cousin 1: ESTP 837 sx/so SLUEN
    Cousin 2: ISTP 873 sx/so SCUEI

    E.T.: ISTP 972 sp/sx RCUAN
    Weab King: ISTP 953 sp/sx RCOAN
    The Bibliophile: IXTJ 548 sx/sp RCOEI
    The Heathen: INFJ 46p9 sp/so RLOAI
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    Mom(when I had one): INFP(saw the good in everyone, gentle, emotional but didn't show it, disorganized)
    Dad: ESTJ(intense, traditional, organized yet impulsive, workaholic, impatient, temper, yet still tries to be teacherly surrounding his "experience", talkative)
    Uncle: ISFJ(unhealthy)
    Aunt: ISFJ (strict, traditional, jumps to conclusions - unhealthy)
    Another Aunt: ENFP (spontaneious, talkative, unusual beliefs, random and sudden, positive)
    Grandma(when I had one): ISFJ(unhealthy - strict, temper, grumpy, yet had a friendly side at times and was very attached to animals)
    2nd Cousin: ESFP
    Great Aunt: ENFJ(has unusual beliefs and teacherly)
    Distant Cousin: ESFJ

    Brandon(cousin I got along with alot): ENFJ(idk just strikes me the times I seen him, open and considerate)
    Russ(other cousin I got along with): ISTJ/ISFJ(traditional, but funny, but lots of alone time, though loves hunting..)

    Me: xNTP

    Most my family is alienated though as we don't talk much and aren't close.

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