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Thread: What types are your family and friends?

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    My mother, I suspect, is the same type as me. My father is ESFP. One of my sisters is clean-cut ESFJ. The other sister is harder to place.

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    ESTJ Parents, who I don't get along very well with, so I try to keep myself under the radar.
    ENFJ Brother, who makes me feel awesome.
    And currently, an ESTP roommate, whom I love dearly.

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    Brother and Father both ENTJ
    Mother didn't humor me in taking the test herself, and I'm not experienced in the MB enough to type her on my own

    My two best friends are ISFJ

    I am curious to meet my own kind though since I don't believe I've been around one long enough to create a lasting friendship and to know what an ENFP/ENFP relationship feels like.
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    Dad's an ESTJ, and hates anything to do with feelings.

    I think my mom's an ENFJ. My parents are a wonderful mix. My dad needs to give him more affection.

    One of my sister's is an ISFJ, but she also tested an an INFJ. It could go either way, but she is not a very abstract person.

    My youngest sister is an ESFP, and is annoying, mean, and sweet at the same time.

    One of my best friends' is an ESFJ. She's so uplifting and outgoing. Idk how I can stand her, but she makes good company. One of my other friends is an ISFJ and lets people walk over her too much.

    I'm still not sure what my type is. But if my family looked at the ISTJ stereotypes then they would have an amazing time. Maybe I am one, but I feel like I'm too unpractical, and lazy.

    There are so much sensors in my life.

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    All of these, myself included, are best guesses:

    Me: enfp
    Husband: entp
    Mother: infp slight chance of infj
    Brother: entp
    Sister in law 1: intj
    Niece 1: estp? Maybe istp?
    Niece 2: esfp
    Mother in law: isfj
    Father in law: maybe intp? Definitely introverted, the rest is close
    Sister in law 2: infp

    Very few judging types in the family...

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    Mom: ENFP
    Dad: ISTJ
    Sister: INTP

    Maternal Grandma: ISFJ
    Maternal Grandpa: xSTJ?
    Paternal Grandma: Dead, never knew her. But my step-grandma is an ISFJ.
    Paternal Grandpa: ISTP??

    Uncle: ENFJ possibly?
    Aunt: ENTJ? ENTP would be second guess

    I have no cousins

    Friend #1: ISTJ
    Friend #2: ISFJ
    Friend #3: ISTJ
    Friend #4: INTJ
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    Here are all the types of my closest loved ones that I have confirmed ( telling you what I think of all of them would take up ten pages)
    Best friend-ENFP
    I have yet to confirm the other 30-50 people close to me, but I think a good portion of them use Ne and Si rather than Ni and Se.

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    I think I have done my close family already in this thread. I do seem to have a few ESFJ friends who I am very close with. I like their motherliness and loyalty, they are also super fun to hang out with and are REALLY super good at knowing appropriate responses in social situations...and clean!

    I do also have a couple of NT friends who I rarely see but are good to debate and constructively argue with until the wee hours (despite appearances they mostly have squishy centres). Ummm oh I tend to get on with ENFP guys more than ENFP girls, I find them really good to bounce ideas off but for some reason I just feel like the ENFP girls I know are too flakey and manipulative. Could be just the ones i know irl though as I seem to have made a few online who are pretty cool. Oh I do have one INFJ girlfriend who I adore, I haven't seen her in years and years but I know we think of each other loads... it's that type of friendship... she is warm and loving and has a great sparkiness.

    Edit also an ISFP girl who i get along really well with, have a good flow and never seem to have anything to disagree about, though it is a bit samey samey.
    Oh probably enough for now.
    "We knew he was someone who had a tragic flaw, that's where his greatness came from"

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    Mostly S types, ESTJs, ISTJs, ESFJs, ISFJs, ESFPs, ISFPs...

    feel quite casted out...but, i dont care, Im Enn. 7 and live my life as I wish...

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    I kinda feel like my dad is more of an EXFP now. Kind of leaning towards ENFP.

    I'm pretty sure one of my other friends is an ENTJ.

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