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    Member raissaroars's Avatar
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    May 2015
    5w6 sx/sp
    INFp None


    Me: INFJ
    Mom: ISFJ
    Dad: INFP
    Sister: ESFJ
    Brother: ISFP
    Boyfriend: xNTP (most likely a ENTP)
    Friends: ISFPs, INFJs and ENFPs, mostly
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    [With poetry, one] is capable of going beyond the limitations of coherent logic, and conveying the deep complexity and truth of the impalpable connections and hidden phenomena of life.
    Andrei Tarkovsky, Sculpting in Time

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    May 2015
    5w6 sx/sp
    INFp None


    Let me tell you more because this is fun!
    Grandad: ISTJ
    Grandma: ISFJ
    Uncle: ESFP
    Aunt (my uncle's wife): ESTJ
    Older cousin: ISFP
    Middle cousin: ESFx (I know ESFJs and ESFPs are fairly different, but I really can't tell!)
    Younger cousin: xNFP (she's very often alone and everything, but this is maybe because she had a very lonely childhood?)
    Melancholic | Creator | Inquisitive
    Linguistic / Interpersonal / Intrapersonal

    [With poetry, one] is capable of going beyond the limitations of coherent logic, and conveying the deep complexity and truth of the impalpable connections and hidden phenomena of life.
    Andrei Tarkovsky, Sculpting in Time

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    Senior Member wolfnara's Avatar
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    Jul 2015
    649 sp/so
    EII Fi


    In the past I had a friend who was an ESTP, who was the total opposite of me and turned out not to be a decent friend. At the time we made an interesting pair though, because she was a gregarious fun loving person and I was the silent but loyal friend who was always trying to stop them from doing silly reckless things. Before that I was friends with an ESFJ for a little while, but I moved away and lost contact with them

    At the moment my friends seem to be very kind ISFPs

    As for family;
    Mom - ESFP ..or J
    Dad - ISTJ
    (divorced. my dad is now married to an ISFP)

    They made my brothers: - INTP, INTP, ESTP, and ESTJ.
    Me - INFP and a loner :P
    "Those who do not move, do not notice their chains"
    -Rosa Luxemburg

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    breaking out of my cocoon SearchingforPeace's Avatar
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    Jun 2015
    9w8 sx/so
    EIE None


    Me: INFJ

    My dad: ISTJ
    my paternal grandfather: INTP
    my paternal grandmother: ESTJ
    My aunts: INTJ, ESFJ

    My mom: ENFP
    My maternal grandfather: ISTP
    My maternal grandmother: ENFP
    My aunt: ENFP
    my uncle: ISTP

    my siblings:
    Oldest sis: INTJ (married to ESFP)
    Second sis: ENFP (married to INTJ)
    Brother: ENTP

    Wife: I thought ESTJ, which she tested out as 12 years ago, but it appears to be related to childhood trauma....most likely IXFP, though still coming around to herself.

    Oldest brother: ISTJ (married to a ENFJ)
    Oldest sis: ENFP (married to a INFJ)
    Next brother: ISFP
    Next brother: ISTP
    Youngest sis: ESFP
    Youngest brother: ENTJ (married to INTP)

    My son: INTP
    His twin: ESFJ
    3rd son: ESFP
    4th son: possible INFJ
    Daughter: possible ENFP

    My dad's second wife ESFP
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    The fox knows many things--the hedgehog one big one.
    And I am not a hedgehog......


    Jesus said "Blessed are the peacemakers" not "blessed are the conflict avoiders.....

    9w8 6w5 4w5 sx/so

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    Me: INFx...I fall right on the borderline of INFP and INFJ...I have both of their traits...I identify as an INFJ ...I'm not very idealistic...I acted very INFP when I was younger...not so much now due to maturing...

    Dad: ENTJ...We are super close and he's the one I got to for advice...

    Mom: ExFJ...I love her but she's VERY emotional...and she the 'Joan of Arc' type...

    younger sister: ENFP...a very surly, hot tempered, aggressive, argumentative, judgmental ENFP who acts very ENTP at times...(she took the official test for her Psych class and got ENFP)...she's also VERY idealistic and we butt heads a lot...she's not very warm and cuddly...she threatens to punch you in the face if you talk too loudly when she's napping...

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    Member Fury's Avatar
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    Sep 2015
    IEE Ne


    I'm unsure for like... 90% of this lol

    Dad: ESTJ
    Mom: ISTJ
    Sister: ISFJ
    Me: ENFP

    Grandmother (paternal): ESFJ
    - Aunts and Uncle: ESTP, ESTJ, ESFP, ExTJ
    - Cousins: xNFP, ENTJ, ENFP, ESFP, ISTJ, ISTP, ENxx
    Grandmother (maternal): IxxJ
    - Uncles: ESTJ, IxTP, there are more but I'm honestly not really familiar with them heh
    - Cousins: ExxP, ISTJ

    Friends: ISTJ, INFP, ISFJ, ENFP
    "Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not;
    and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad."

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    Senior Member Derpravity's Avatar
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    Feb 2013
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    The only other person in the family whose extensive and investigated test results I know is the last on this list.

    But for fun, and in spite of my inexperience, I'll try my best guess for my immediate family according to the functions they seem to rely on (maybe I'll revisit this post some time after I've internalised a fuller understanding of MBTI and laugh at myself):

    Parent: ISTJ - an awkward stick-in-the-mud, will consult own feelings to make judgements but has no perception of others' feelings and values; great at maths, science, engineering type thinking but doesn't understand people/emotions/left-brain stuff (this strikes me as preferring Fi and Ni to Fe and Ne); insensitive, stubborn, has to have things done own way, always sure of knowing best; basically all the worst qualities of an ISTJ with few of the good ones (I've dated an ISTJ, I know how lovely they can be)

    Parent: ISFJ - caring almost to the point of being a busybody (must be strongly Fe); the kind of person who gossips not out of malice but because of caring about what other people do and why they do it; very organised and responsible when it comes to achieving things based on values; I'd almost think ESFJ except for being quite low-energy socially, happy to be alone a lot; always comparing what's going on to own reference pool of prior experiences (I'm figuring that's quite Si)

    Half-sibling: ESFP - positively anti-bookish, but very kinetically intelligent, active, and energetic; highly expresses through appearance and personal style; active, always taking charge, doing things independently and assertively; bold, brave, has stepped out and tried things a lot of people would be too timid to (strikes me as very Se); loves performing, especially bodily performing like dance; showy, loves attention; social life seems to be key to emotional life (outward warmth and friendliness seems more like a Se performance than intimate expression of feeling)

    Me: INTJ - I'm just an overthinking introspective analytical little cold-hearted critic is what I am; am I really the only intuitive in this family though? Maybe I missed something...

    Sibling: ESTJ - I'm pretty sure prefers Fi over Fe in a similar way to the above ISTJ; very practical and concerned with doing things the right way (own way) and rarely admits fault; strong-willed, outspoken, particularly tactless (often downright mean) around family; responsible, rule-following, cautious; doesn't visually express or respond to emotions strongly; my main clue as to intro/extroversion is that in spite of being closed-mouthed, this person is really active, keeps a lot of social engagements, enjoys performing for large crowds, and seems particularly comfortable in these situations

    Sibling: ISFP - very sensitive in the sense of tactile, seems to have no filter for Se; seems to feel things very deeply and personally (especially fits the way Fi manifests in childhood); very quiet and internal; kinda passive, tends to "live and let live;" seems to have a hard time expressing self although I get the sense there are just worlds and worlds inside wanting to find expression; so emotionally reserved I probably couldn't have pegged for sure as a Feeler, but having confirmed it from the source it makes a lot of sense
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    Junior Member
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    Jun 2015
    5/4 sp/sx
    LII Ni


    Me female INTP (sometimes peoples say i seem like an INTJ, but i have a weak P) 45% I 100% N 68% T 28% P Choleric/melancholic
    I'm often drawn to people with intellect and depth, I rarely befriend someone with superficial behavior and life-philosophy, but my friends are artists all of them in their own way. I feel often like someone that has the power to do whatever I dare to do, and no one will dare to touch me, so sometimes I think of that I am an INTJ, I have som psychic traits too, Often I think of possibilites or predict something that I can see the day afterwards. Ti-Ne fits me good, but I can also say that I have a strong Ni, but no Te and never any Fi on tertiary, I have a strong Fe in the last one that I'm not afraid to use in some kind of emergency of serious outbursts.

    My mother: seems really like an ENFP, but she is very intellectual so i guess she has an weak F.

    My father is IXXP i have huge trouble to type him because he is drawn into some serious shadow-functions right now...(i'm afraid he is a bit psychopathic) I dont know his ego functions at all because of that.

    My brother is a clear ESTP, so is my maternal grandmother and uncle on the same side.

    My paternal granny is an ISXJ

    My two friends are ENFP and ISFJ and my former boyfriend is a INTP, but a phlegmatical one.

    I dont think that I have any clear rationalist in my near family, I often say to myself that i'm the black sheep of the family, but I really dont care if i'm the only one, im used to that.

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    corona Hawthorne's Avatar
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    Jan 2015
    5w4 so/sp


    ESTP and ISTJ parents. No siblings.

    Gravitate to FPs as friends.

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    Senior Member plastic ciel's Avatar
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    Aug 2015
    8w9 sp/sx


    Me: ISTJ
    Mother: INTJ
    Father: Unhealthy ENFJ

    Friend #1: ENFP
    Friend #2: ESTP
    Friend #3: ESFP
    Friend #4: Another ESTP

    Yeah, all my friends are ExxPs.

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