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    Nov 2011
    4w5 so/sx


    Mother: ISFJ
    Father: ISTP
    Myself: INFP
    Sister (younger): ESFP

    (I married an ESTJ and we have two daughters: ISTJ (oldest), ENFx (youngest))

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    Dec 2011


    Me: INTP
    Mom: ISFJ
    Dad: ESTJ
    Stepfather: ISTJ
    Stepmother: ESFP
    Husband: INTP (No one answers the phone in our house, and there are four computers in the living room)

    I have a lot of xNFP and xNTP friends.

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    I'm an ENFP with an ENFJ mother and an ISFP (though I also see a lot of ISTP? definitely ISxP; he tested ISFP but I don't really believe it!) father.

    My two best friends are also ENFPs. (:

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    Mother: IS(?)FJ
    Father: ENTJ(?)
    Not all of my 5 other siblings have taken the test, but of those who have;
    1 Sister: ENFP
    1 Sister: ISFJ
    1 Brother: ENFP
    I Am: ESTP

    I get along best with the ISFJ family members, we relate best with the "S". With my father it was more like annoyance between us, then we evolved to physical conflicts because of his commanding nature and my immediate to response to all loud mouthed authority; mockery and antagonizing. He is easy to aggravate and I love to aggravate. My mother and I only formed a relationship as I became an adult, she was absent prior.

    Friends: ENFP x 3 (and we seldom exchange so rapidly these days, it's the NF part that wears on me, and the ST part that kills them slowly) ISTJ, INFP x 2, ESTP, INFJ (we argue, all the time, but seemingly find ourselves talking again)

    My mother has a very tight bond with my ENFP sister, but there is nothing between the ISFJ daughter, who is begging for a relationship from my mother. I find that ironic. But not entirely.

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    6w5 sx/so


    Mother: ISFP
    Father: INTJ
    Sister: ESFP (close to my age)
    Brother: ISTP (9 years younger than me)

    I grew up with some very, very independent people, haha. In a very Fi/Te household.

    Closest friend: ENFP
    Other close friends: IXFP (she seriously defies typing) and ESFJ
    "Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear."--Ambrose Redmoon

    . . . metamorphosing . . .

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    2wX so/sx


    My mom is an ISFJ... she's the only family I'm really around all the time. It's usually pretty interesting...

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    9w1 so


    Don't know what my ex was but she must be of a type that forms a relationship with INTP that takes more work than either of us was prepared to put in.

    Our 15 year old son tested ESFJ. I haven't seen the E yet but his social situations seem to be dominated by school activities and his on-line gaming, neither of which I have observed a lot of.

    We typed my sisters family at a barbecue last week.

    My sister came out as ISFJ but the S was very borderline.

    She was very shy as a teenager but we were very close. I often thought she fell for her first true love and, now, husband of 23 years, because he was similar to me. We were both the same height (6'2), similar weight, same coloured hair and some people thought we were brothers.

    Well, it turns out he's INTJ which, apparently, can behave similar to the INTP to the untrained eye. So maybe my thinking on why she was initially attracted to him is not far from the mark - she was very shy and he was "familiar" to her in a way.

    Their 21 yr old son is an ENTP and had to shout out his intellectualism to the world via Facebook the moment he found out.
    I=76%, N=77%, T=79%, P=77%; or
    I=68%, N=84%, T=68%, P=89% (Comprehensive Report)
    Enneagram 9w1 so

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    Mother: ISFJ
    Father: ENTP
    Brothers: INFP, INTP
    Myself: INFP

    Even among the array of such different types, we have the most discord in communication. My mother is the most unappreciated type of all, being the only S/J in the family. All the Ns live in our abstract minds... yet we never interact on the same wavelength. The older I get, the more this becomes apparent.

    My INFP brother has ADHD, is quite volatile, and has a speech cluttering impediment. My INTP brother has very early conceded to find communication with us unproductive (with the exception of my father). However, my father is not the best listener and not the family man type.

    It's a divorced family, but none of us are close to one another. It kind of hurts on the inside.

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    Me: INFP
    Mother: INFJ (what she tested)
    I don't really know my father at all.
    So my grandparents
    Grandpa: ESTP (very educated guess)
    Grandma (when she was alive): ISFJ (also an educated guess)
    Brother: He tested ENFP when I made him do it...I kinda doubt he is though. More ISFP-ish.
    My other 2 siblings are a little young, so I will still take a stab at what I think their type is (will develop into)..
    2nd Brother: ESTX
    Sister: INFJ

    My fiance and father of my children: INTP or INTJ
    My best friends: INFX (lives in a different state), INFP, and ENFJ.

    A married couple we are friends with: Male - ISTJ Female - ENFP (educated guess)
    "I have damaged my intellect trying to imagine why a man should want to invent a repeating clock, and how another man could be found to lust after it and buy it. The man who can guess these riddles is far on the way to guess why the human race was invented--which is another riddle which tires me."

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    Jan 2012


    Mother: ESFP
    Father: ESTJ
    Brother: ESFP

    Not the most relaxing environment for an INTJ. Got out of that house as I soon as I could.

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