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    Me: ENFP

    Parents, guesses:

    Mother: EnFJ
    Father: ISTJ

    No siblings

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vortex View Post
    Me: ENFP

    Father: ISTJ

    I bet this was interesting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Metamorphosis View Post
    I bet this was interesting.
    Oh yes. I love him dearly, but we don't understand each other. He and my mother got along like a house on fire (they're good friends now, after being divorced for several years).

    The really interesting thing was my 3.year relationship to an immature ISTJ while I was a really immature ENFP. We don't understand each other, but we're still good friends
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    I think I'll revise mine...

    Father: EXTJ
    Mother: ISFJ
    Grandmother: INFJ
    Grandfather: EXTP
    Sister#1: ISTJ
    Sister#2: IXTP
    Myself: IXTJ

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    Officially, thanks to my psychology degree mother...

    Mom - ESTP
    Dad - ISTJ
    Me - INFJ
    Brother - INFP

    I find it extremely interesting that my mother & I share the same cognitive functions in the exact opposite order. My brother's keen on calling us one "super annoying human" when we are together. We literally feed off of one another. My mother jokes that I made up for what she lacked.

    The other interesting thing about my family is that my aunt & cousins have also taken the MBTI and test as...

    Aunt - ISTJ
    Cousin - INFP
    Cousin - ENFJ

    That makes all 4 of us grandchildren intuitives born to sensor parents. Also, all 4 of us grandchildren ended up Feelers in a primarily Thinking family (even my grandmother tests ISTJ!) - and the NF / ST pattern's kind of interesting, too.

    We're not really sure what happened!

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    Deja vu. I could have sworn I posted on a thread very similar to this, but I didn't see the post.

    Me (oldest): INTP
    Sister: ENFP (pretty sure)
    Brother (youngest): ISFP (somewhat sure, could be ISTP)

    EDIT:Other than for 4 exceptions, people seem to be able to identify enough about their parents (even when they didn't know the whole type) to get the Leading function. Two who didn't seemed to be in a step-parent situation. Probably just coincidence.
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    Default What are the types of your family?

    What are the types of your family? I'll start.

    My sister is an INTJ. She is super conciencious, and at times can be a little arrogant. However, I think she has a fairly well developed F and P function, because when she isn't working she can be much more playful and fun and caring. She is a health science major, and she often says "do you know whats in that?!" with an air of superiority if she catches you with a bag of doritos. She likes science and math, but does not like psychology and isn't much of an artist. She can play piano pretty well, but she isn't artistic -she just plays what the sheet music says, and recognizes it as a logical structure based in math. Also, I got her to read the INTJ description and she said it was accurate. I also explained what each of the functions mean, and she could positively identify I and N immidiately, but at the time I was not good at describing the F and P functions. What do you all think about the INFP-INTJ relationship?

    My dad is an ESTJ, likely with a bit of a weeker J. Seeing how I'm an INFP, what exactly does that mean? I've been looking for an explaination of how these two interact because 1)it will help me get a better perspective on how to communicate with him, and 2)it could help furthur support my idea that he is probably an ESTJ.

    I see that he is probably an ESTJ because he is, as many of the profiles say, the "pillar of the community". He is the president of the local law association, and he is the president of the board of directors at the local golf club. He is also a very well respected lawyer, who my mom always says should be a judge (which I've heard can be the perfect career for ESTJ, although my dad says he has no interest in being a judge). He is also batshit insane when it comes to work ethic, he always gets his work done, very deadline concious, and he has very high expectations that my work ethic bassically be like his (and its not!). He can also not approach some situations with the right sensitivity (like the time he said I was "pissing ym life away" because I didn't read a book for homework in grade 8. That absolutely crushed me, and still does). He is also generally very warm and friendly, with a respect for "how things are", and kind of a negative view on "weird" things, such as my habit of going for runs at midnight (he roles his eyes and moans whenever someone mentions it). He seems to fit the ESTJ thing well. What do you think about ESTJ-INFP relationships, especially in terms of father-son?

    I'm not sure about my older brother or my mother. Is there a type that is more likely than others to be able to somehow know the answer to every question on Jeoporady? I think hes E, but I'm not sure about S or N. Hes definately a T, and I'm not sure about the P/J... maybe a P, but I'm not positive, he could very well be J. Hes a political science student.

    My mom... I'm in the dark with her. I think shes likely an I, and maybe an SJ of some kind. She seems very aware of social norms... she always tells me when she invites guests over that I'm "suppose to mingle" and that its "normal" to talk to a lot of people at a function like that. She also jokes that her thinking is "far to rigid" to understand what I mean sometimes. I think she might be an F, but I'm not sure why. Its probably because she is very polite, and seems to care about people and personal things more. She is a bit more sensitive to what people think, she isn't so disciplinary as my father. Shes a law-clerk. What do you think of INFP-ISFJ (if thats what she is) relationships?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GZA View Post
    What are the types of your family? I'll start.
    My sister is an ENTJ. My girlfriend is an ENTP. My parents I think were ENFJ (mom) and INFJ (dad). I can't verify all this information however since none of them have taken the test.

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    Mum - ISFJ
    Dad - INTJ
    Younger sister - EXFX
    Older sister - ENFJ
    Grandad - ESFJ

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    Mom = ESFJ
    Dad = ESTJ
    Sister = NADC (not a damn clue)
    Me = INTJ

    Husband = ISTJ
    His Dad = ENFP
    His Mom = ISTJ
    Middle sis = ISFP
    Oldest sis = ESFx

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