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    My sister is my best friend, and she's an ESFJ. Sometimes intolerable, tries to manipulate people and situations, but I can calm the beast. Or at least embarrass her so she stops. My brother is probably an ISFP.

    I don't know about my parents, I'll have to think about it. My mom's probably an INFJ though.

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    mat. grandma - ISFJ
    mat. grandpa - ISFP(?)

    pat. grandma - INFP(?)
    pat. grandpa - ESTJ

    mom ..... ESFJ
    dad ...... INTP
    brother.. INTP

    closest friends:

    i collect FJs or... well... they collect me

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    Mom: INFJ
    Dad: ISTJ

    In order of oldest to youngest...

    Me(male): ENFP
    Sister: INFJ
    Sister: INFP
    Brother: ESFJ

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    Default Parents' Types

    In this thread, we talk about our parents' types, and our experience with them as our parents. Then you add your type (I wonder if there's a correlation.)

    My dad is an INTP, close on the F/T. He really means well but isn't very mature sometimes, is really bad at sticking up for himself or others and lets other people make important decisions. He's one of the most intelligent, creative people I know though and we can just talk for hours about anything.

    My mom is an ENFP. She goes back and forth between being my friend and my parent, which is both good and bad. She always wants to help me when I have a problem, but can't just listen to me complain. She can also be sort of inconsistant since she often has a hundred things going on at once. At the same time, she's a lot of fun to have as a mom.

    I'm an i?fJ, very J so two P parents was stressful sometimes!
    Living is never a waste of time.

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    Mom is an INFx. She is a psychiatrist by profession. Even though she comes from a scientific background, she believes in tarot cards and other shit in the same vein. She somehow tries to synthesize her mysticism with Jung and the collective unconscious but it doesn't work. She likes the outdoors a lot. Likes meditation and other "new age" things, but she hates being called that. How "new age" to be against labels.

    Dad is iNxj. Went to medical school but quit his job as a pathologist and writes things. He's very comfortable in social situations but prefers to keep to himself most of the time. Has a large circle of friends, but I think he's more of an I. He seems like a rational person until you get to know him better; he's very neurotic and believes in a huge assortment of occult conspiracy shit like the ancient astronaut theory and that the Egyptian pharaohs were aliens. He still tries to rationalize this with his "evidence" which is loaded with confirmation bias and whenever I call him out on it he gets really defensive and makes me look like an asshole. He's disorganized but probably a J.

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    Dad's an istp. Has a title as master craftsmen in heating structure construction and a master craftsmen in gas and water plumping. He runs is own 1 men company for 30 years now and is pretty sucessful.
    My mum is an ISFJ and the reasonability of the family . She has learnt to become a sewer but was a housewife all his life.
    My sister is an isfp and finishing work school at the moment. She doesnt yet know what to become but her grades have gotten increasingly better and I am supporting her to go to University.
    My grandpa on the father side was an entp and a complicated guy (still we loved him, he taught me drinking Scotch when I was 12, my Dad didnt love that ). He ran a washing company after the war, was a learnt cook and served as captain in russia.
    my grandma on the father side was the soul of the family (they had 3 boys). I barely knew her but I think she was an infp.
    My grandpa on the mother side is an intp. My Dad and he dont get along and there's alot of fights in the family, yet I am not touched by this. I've learned everything about soldering and electronics from my grandpa.
    My grandma, mother side is esfj. She's a clever woman, sadly a victim of anti-emancipation. She has a great heart but is a big worrier.

    My parents have been the most loving and supportive parents you could wish for. They havent changed a single bit in almost 30 years now and are somewhat stuck on replay in their views of the world. Yet its not bad because they are happy with their views and I wouldnt have become the one I am today without them. With out their support and them letting me develop freely, I would be someone else today. I have the heart and morales from my Dad and the cleverness and management abilities from my mom. Since I was more of a mom child, I have my female side from my Mom too. Getting in touch more with my father just now as I become older

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    Father ISFJ - Nice and forgiving but sometimes overemotional and passive aggressive.
    Mother ISTJ - Sensible and logical but sometimes stubborn and nit-picky.

    Somehow they produced an ISTP (and an ESFP, ENFJ, and ISTJ.)
    Artes, Scientia, Veritasiness

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    intp dad: very smart, creative and funny but self-destructive and socially retarded
    enfp mom: supportive, outgoing, would do anything for me but very controlling and over-sensitive. tries to be the 'cool mom' and was always pretty permissive but goes crazy over things that are no big deal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orangey View Post
    Father ISFJ - Nice and forgiving but sometimes overemotional and passive aggressive.
    Mother ISTJ - Sensible and logical but sometimes stubborn and nit-picky.

    Somehow they produced an ISTP (and an ESFP, ENFJ, and ISTJ.)
    Whoa, crazy. This is the exact lineup of my parents. And they produced an INFJ and INTP.

    Both were extremely reliable and dependable for fulfilling basic needs and being on top of everything financially, schedule-and-detail-wise, etc. They were both very focused on providing the external stability/needs for us, but it wasn't in the makeup of either to provide internal nurturing in the way that my brother and I would have needed it. But anyway, they provided a really good, stable environment growing up.

    My father is generally pleasant and projects a happy/positive demeanor, and when out and about is very pleasant and interacts well with people. But in a family setting, when you ask something of him that he doesn't have an answer to, or doesn't want to do, he really flares up in a passive-aggressive way, and is VERY impatient/frustrated. He acquires what we all joke of as 'The Tone'. Just very...imposed upon, impatient, whatever. It's extremely annoying but also something we can joke about after-the-fact.

    My mother was always much more generally moody and apt to express displeasure/irritation/unhappiness. Very attuned to detail & basic practicalities/ common sense things, and extremely concrete, to the point that you can't really play on words or be figurative, because she won't get it. She can also be quite socially tactless. Her nature is also very critical/judging (she's not intending it to be negative, it can come across very critically though). She really does try, though.
    "...On and on and on and on he strode, far out over the sands, singing wildly to the sea, crying to greet the advent of the life that had cried to him." - James Joyce

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    An over-controlling and abusive ESTJ father. A social climber. Very smart but set in stone. An ISFP pampered as a child, highly irrational and emotional drama queen of a mother with no self-control to speak of. Through passive-aggressive means, my mother would trigger drama with my father. Drama was love for her. All hell would break loose over trivialities where the kids would get caught in the crossfire.

    Nothing was ever good enough, even though the kids far outstripped our parents accomplishments. We were honed to be as good at everything as humanly impossible, academics, sports, art and came out pretty damn flawed emotionally. Uberscrewed instead of the Ubermensch they were trying to create!

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