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    Dad: INFP (with strong Ti and Si)
    Mom: INTJ

    Brother #1 (30): ISTP
    Brother #2 (28): INFP (obviously unable to deal with his striking similarity with dad, so he's been working tirelessly on becoming a decent ISTJ for years - but despite any of his efforts, his still growing similarity with dad and me is too apparent to fool me)
    Sister (26): ISFP
    Me (21): INFP

    = given that mom is not a strong J, our home has always been extremely unstructured, imaginative, and everyone has been given almost full freedom to act according to their hearts' desires (which has also had quite a few negative side-effects, but what hasn't).

    Grandfather (paternal): ESxP
    Grandmother (paternal): ESFJ
    (= where the heck did this equal "dad"?! ><)
    Uncle (paternal): ISTP (very, very wild guess)
    Cousin (f) (paternal): INFJ

    Grandparents from mum's side are both long dead, but mum says her father really reminded her of dad, so I would guess INFP too, INTP at the most. No idea about her mum.

    As for my friends, the best one I've ever had was an INTP, but it ended up as a disaster. As of now my closest (or oldest) friends include several INFPs, INTJ, ISTJ, ENTP and ENTJ, but I guess I have friends of all personality types. My current flatmates are ENFP, ENFJ, ESFP and ESFJ (whose boundless openness sometimes makes me feel quite smothered actually).

    My boyfriend is an ISTJ.
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    Me (female): INFJ
    Mom: ESTJ
    Dad: ENFJ
    Older Sister: ENTJ

    Friends (all females): ISFP, 2 ESFP, 4 ISFJ, 2 ESFJ, ISTJ

    The ISTJ and one of the ESFP's are more recently made friends.

    Boyfriend: ENTP

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    Father: ISTJ or INTJ (not 100% - he's hard to type and refuses to take any test)
    Mother: ISFJ
    Half-brother: INFP (though he thinks he might be an ENFP)
    Step-father: ISTP or INTP

    Life-long friend: ISTJ
    His girlfriend: ISFJ
    Best friend 1: ENFP
    Best friend 2: INTP
    Friend 3: ISFJ
    Friend 4: ISFJ

    Note: All friends listed above are males.

    Mentor (yes, I have a mentor lol): INTP oddly enough
    His wife: ESFJ (most likely)

    In fact, many of my female associates are ESFPs or ESFJs.

    Person I am interested in: I'm not 100% sure but probably INFP or INFJ.

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    Default Idealists and their Families

    I couldn't find whether or not there is already a thread on this, and couldn't really be bothered going back more than 10 pages.

    But just wondering about everyones experiences with their families type combinations and the relationships that come out of this?

    My families type combinations consist of:

    Dad - IxFx
    Mum - ISFJ
    Sister 1 - ISFJ - 26 yo
    Sister 2 - INFJ - 20 yo
    Me - ENFJ - 19 yo
    Sister 3 - ISFJ - 17 yo

    A nice Guardian/Idealist mix... maybe

    First of all - I love them all to bits, but its interesting to look at the relationships in light of our types.

    So outright I can tell you that I get frustrated with my families lack of socialising. Whenever I wanted to have a few friends round in school my parents would always have a melt down coz they knew 'a few friends' could easily be 40 to 50 people.

    Mum, ISFJ, plays the extrovert at home, I'd say she's on the cusp or something Anyway it's difficult to analyse a relationship with your Mum coz they all (mostly) care for their kids. But she can be really over emotional but also caring. She has strict morals, but is ready to listen talk things through.
    I've sometimes felt like I'm her counselor or something though... which is kind of weird.

    Dad is caring, but I've found it real hard with him being so quiet and unassertive. I think his mind naturally explores abstract concepts but he stops himself coz its all too hard. He's extremely strict morally - bit of a legalist. He's not really passive aggressive... more just won't participate until thoroughly provoked and then he'll snap.

    My oldest sister, an ISFJ, and I get on really well with her - actually she gets on with all of us really well individually in different ways. Apart from the fact that she's a fair bit older than the rest of us, she's always been really protective , checking up on what we've been getting up to, and trying to stop us from "making her mistakes". She's somewhat passive aggressive at times. AND she's married to an ENTJ - which is such an ODD pairing. They're so different - both very organised though...

    Sister #2, INFJ, and I have a very weird relationship. We're really close in age and fought like mad during our childhood and teen years. But we also loved to write fiction stories together, since before we could write (recording them on tapes!) and I guess we are kind of similar in that we've both gone into Arts courses.
    She's often called me self-righteous in our irate moments, which I just don't understand coz I'm far from it. I think we both know we could have an awesome friendship, but its like its incredibley strained relationship from the past - brought up under strict morals and that all still kind of hangs in the air (like, 'are you judging me?!'). We're only just beginning to get past the past a little and talk Sartre, Derrida and Marx without getting in an argument. Her partner is an interesting INTP, just very very different values to my family, which has made it all pretty awkward.

    Sister #3, ISFJ - is the baby of the fam. And we've always been incredibly incredibly close. We played pretend for years when we were little, and she'd always participate in the games I organised and created; we both stayed kids for a lot longer than the older two. The first conflict we had was when she became a teenager and boys all fell in love with her and I just got heaps protective and we'd always fight about it. Now she has an ISTJ boyfriend who I get on pretty well with... but I get worried that they seriously neglect their friends - you know those couples who are only interested in one another... and this is 2 and half years on!
    She puts heaps or pressure on herself in school, and gets stressed quite easily. She's unconfrontational when angry, which annoys me because when we fight she's just won't respond and storms off, whilst I'm like running off at the mouth. But I love her and would say she's the one I'm still closest to in the family coz we talk heaps, even if she isn't interested in half the things I am.

    But all my sisters can be narky, critical bitches haha! Maybe coz I'm the only guy.
    I think everyone thinks I'm the loud mouth of the family and they're learning not to confide in me because I'll probably tell another - with the best of intentions of course.

    Anyway this has turned into a MAMOTH post, somewhat bloglike.

    But please, give me your comments --- tell me your story! And your family type combo - how being a NF in your family has affected you. Oh, and who you're closest to/why etc.

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    I'm castaway with a whole bunch of sensors. It seriously feels like my entire town is all sensors

    Dad: ISTP
    Mum: ISFJ
    Me: INFP
    Sister: ESTJ

    Out of all my extended family (35 people or so) I suspect there may be 2 or 3 other intuitors, 1 of them possibly being an NF. Its a good thing in some ways because I've had to learn to get by in a sensor world and, I guess, to gain some appreciation their ways - both of which many Ns struggle with. When I meet intuitors, especially NFs, I practically fall out of my tree in shock. I can't come to terms with the fact that I am actually able to click with someone else. I've just come to accept my outsider/freak status.

    I get along well with my Mum and Dad because they both connect with different sides of me. I guess realizing my sister is (very likely to be) an ESTJ explains a lot. I always knew we were very different but never throught we were complete opposites. It explains years of being at each other's throats. We get along now, as long as neither of us are tired, in a bad mood or discuss politics or current affairs (or anything else that generate heated discussion). That said, there's no one on earth more critical of me and my behaviour than my sister.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lauren Ashley View Post
    I love quoting myself.
    Love yourself and you will have few rivals.
    "Create like a god, command like a king, work like a slave."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern Kross View Post
    I'm castaway with a whole bunch of sensors. It seriously feels like my entire town is all sensors
    Oh mannn I know how you feel.
    Although perhaps not to the same extent.
    But yeh we live in an S dominated world.
    I'm not sure about type and demographic, but it seems like where I 'dwell' on the edge of the suburbs is particularly Artisan dominated, as in heaps and heaps of tradies...
    I guess I am pretty fortunate to have another Intuitor in my family - probly should take more advantage of that.

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    I'm actually quite fortunate...

    My mom is an XNFJ (probably an I), and my dad is an ENTP. My brother is an ENTP, and I'm an XNFJ (probably an E). So the combination makes a lot of sense

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    A family of Intuitors.. farout, I imagine dinner time conversations would be epic. haha. You're pretty lucky then. Was it FJ versue TP? I can't imagine living with a P... very much not my experience.

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    I'm pretty shit at typing people, but this is my best guess:

    Grandma: ESFJ
    Dad: ISTP
    Mom: EnFp (I think I posted somewhere else that she was ENFJ, but I take that back. I'm not really sure. She's complicated.)
    Me, 21: INFP
    Sister, 20: ESFP
    Brother, 17: ISTP
    Sister, 14: ISFJ? Maybe? I have a hard time figuring this kid out.
    Sister, 12: autistic
    Brother, 9: autistic

    My house is craaaazy. We love each other but we're dysfunctional. I could write a novel on all the weird dynamics that go on there but I'll try to keep it short...

    My grandma is my true support and defender.

    I "get along" with my dad, but in all honesty, we have no real relationship. Drugs will do that to people.

    My mom and I are really close, but we butt heads a lot. I think our Fi values or whatever don't match up very well sometimes.

    I'm probably the most emotionally honest with my sister than anyone else in the world, but she's hard to be around sometimes because she just can't get her shit together.

    I used to be really close to my brother, because we share a lot of the same interests (video games and rock music). But as he's getting older, it's changing. I feel so out of the loop with him.

    My next sister hates me. But she's 14, so she hates everyone.

    And the last two...they add more stress, but more joy, and they've proved that: dammit, my family is resilient.

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