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    Quote Originally Posted by Ezra View Post
    As an ESTJ, I go through periods of quiet thought and observation, and I value solitude a lot. I also have a somewhat developed intuitive side which allows me certain skills and abilities I would otherwise not have. I'm also a bit lazy sometimes.
    Same here.

    I think there's a lot of things about my type that don't fit me.
    I think things are more arbitrary and relative than my type's stereotype would have you believe. There's definitely black and white, but there's grey, too, and I acknowledge that one solution doesn't fit everyone. I'm not interested in the business world (even though I've always been told I should either get an MBA or become a lawyer! ). I'm really self-reflective and aware of my own feelings and motivations-- but this was an acquired skill for me. Often, I'd rather work alone than in a group. I hate small-talk and decorum for its own sake. I'm sentimental as all hell, but it's a side I rarely show to anyone except my inner circle.

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    Despite testing as an INFP I tend not to be overly touchy-feely. I certainly feel emotions really intensely but to me these are expressed via engaging in the things that I am truly passionate about.

    I guess this could come back to Gender roles also. As a male it's an environmental expectation that I be a thinker, and I certainly take on this role when need be.

    However the imputus to all my actions stems from my engaging passions. Finding meaning is important to me but not at the cost of fullfilling exsistence.

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