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Thread: The MBTI Awards

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chanaynay View Post
    I'm confused what you're trying to get at here. I said ENTJ for most likely to get rich.
    Nothing, just showing some stats, didn't double check their methodology though. Just the first thing I've found. Published on
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    Most Likely to succeed: ENTJ
    Most Likely to become rich: ENTP
    Most Likely to cry for no reason: INFP
    Most Likely to say "I told you so!": ISTJ
    Most Likely to adopt a stray animal: INFJ
    Most Likely to kill a stray animal: INTJ

    Funniest (intentionally):ENTP
    Most Well-Behaved: ISFJ
    Cleanest House: ESFJ (in my experience at least)
    Most Talkative: ESFP
    Best Dressed: ISFP
    Pessimistic: INxx
    Dipsy-est: ENxP
    Happiest: ENFP
    Nerdiest: INTP
    Quitest: INFP
    Loudest: ENTP
    Laziest: xxNP

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