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Thread: Which pairings would be "the lesser of two evils"?

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    Default Which pairings would be "the lesser of two evils"?

    okay, so we all know that opposites attract (in many areas at least).... but i want to hear everyone's thoughts on the idea of reversing this and pairing similar traits together... then deciding which ones you think would work better?

    for example...

    E vs I:
    would it be better/worse to have two E's together, or two I's?

    N vs. S:
    double the intuition or double the sensing?

    T vs. F:
    would two thinkers be better or worse than two feelers?

    J vs. P:
    two P's- too messy? two J's- too controlling?


    i just want to hear people's thoughts on this! something my mom said regarding the famous E&I rule made me think of this... she made a comment about "one's gotta perform, the other's gotta listen. it is so chaotic if there are two people trying to fight over the spotlight." and it got me wondering.... hmm... i wonder if it would be harder to have two fighting for the spotlight, or two sitting in the audience with no show? which led me to the other four sets of functions. now i'm very curious!

    share your thoughts.

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    I think that a moderate to extreme extrovert needs at least a moderate introvert to balance out, and vice versea. Two of the same extremes do not go well with each other.

    However, I do believe that people who are closer to being ambiverted find both real introverts and real extroverts pretty annoying. Introverts, it feels like you have to pull the words out of them. For a potential mate I consider that a major character flaw.
    Extroverts... Well, I find extremely extroverted people are most often annoying in the sense that they are easily distracted, flirtatious and such. It's usually more fun being around an extreme extrovert than a quiet loner, but I am inclined to trust the ambiverts and introverts a whole lot more since they do not tend to be hyper-addicted to stimuli all the time, and they don't have the problem that some Extroverts have... The attention span of a two year-old.

    The gist of my little hypothesis:

    Extreme preference people require opposites, "balanced" people require similarity.

    EDIT: My personal opinion is that N's generally go best with N's because of communication.
    My hypothesis would probably also be true for T/F and J/P, though.

    Personal note: I would however not have any problems with dating some sensors,
    since it is possible to bridge gaps for two intelligent individuals. Jeffster, if you were only a woman, I would caress you at night and call you "snugglebunny".

    Mightier than the tread of marching armies is the power of an idea whose time has come

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