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Thread: What are you supposed to think of the percentages?

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    Default What are you supposed to think of the percentages?

    In my signature I have the percentages I got on the MBTI. Does it mean anything? Can I say that even though I'm ESFP, I'm really close to being ENFP or does it not really work that way? Or maybe can I say I'm pretty balanced in my communication styles because my N and S qualities are so close?
    E - 79% I - 21%
    S - 53% N - 47%
    T - 32% F - 68%
    J - 32% P - 68%


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    I take them as a rough indicator of what you might be.
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    The percentages just indicate your strength of preference for each of the four categories at the time you took the test. They are useful for helping you determine your true type. Your preferences for E, F and P were strong, so it's pretty likely you are an EFP of some sort. Your S and N preferences were close, so you could be either ESFP or ENFP based on these results. Only you can decide which of the two types is a better fit for you.

    To help you decide, first read some good profiles of each type and see if you have a strong identification with one of the two options. If that is still unclear, then have a look at the differences between temperaments. ESFPs are SP Artisans, while ENFPs are NF Idealists. Each temperament has considerably different inner values, motivations and agendas.
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