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Thread: Ti vs Te consistency

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    Quote Originally Posted by VagrantFarce View Post
    Te: efficiently utilising the resources at hand to reach a stated goal, an intensly linear process
    Ti: creating a ruleset in your mind that is considered universally-applicable, an intensly non-linear, webbed process
    i agree. this is very well said.

    my way of saying it is that Ti is about storing judgments, organizing and arranging them, detached affirmation or denial based on how it fits and compares with the global system of truth-judging as a whole. internal checking for consistency is key. i think of it as tracing, trouble-shooting, error checking circuits, etc.

    Te could give a fuck about that shit. just wants to do something here and now. judgment is more compartmentalized, more here and now, what is right in THIS instance. truth is ultimately pragmatic (more pragmatic than william james!). what is here now is what matters and the past and my own understandings, judgments, revisions, etc are irrelevant.

    it's interesting when you consider that Ti is always paired with Fe and that Te is always paired with Fi. Te as the expression/achievement of Fi and its silent pull of me-desire, whereas Fe as the expression/communication of Ti and its complex truth-building.

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    Te - how is it consistent?
    Ti - why is it consistent?

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    Te: Applying a system
    Ti: Deriving a system

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    I have a puny Te-but it wants things in boxes, organized structured and controlled. It likes to apply catagories and sort things into those catagories. It wants timelines to be planned, organized, structured, defined, and wants people to follow those timelines. It likes to control people a bit too, and can be very bossy and pissy when it sees others being inefficient. I dont seek leadership roles, but if no one else will step up, I will take them. Then I am a dictator.

    The only time I think I ever used Ti was in studying for the analytical portions of the LSAT/GRE or my physics prelim. I didnt understand at the time but I could feel whole chunck o' brain getting worked out that normally didnt see the sun. They were kinda rusty....

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