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Thread: Hypothesis about Ti vs. Te writing styles

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    i guess i write a lot in what ygolo proposes to be Te style, where "the thesis" is actually an anti thesis, a transfomation or translation of a commonly known concept and the part with "supporting evidence" will often include a discussion of how the common conception holds bad implications if applied to situation x or y, and how my initial thesis can explain how to deal with such situations without such implications. or sometimes the thesis is a description of the previous concept, then i show how it goes bad and why, then i will provide a solution and illustrate it with examples. i am often initially motivated to write something logical, when i have stumbled upon something that does not work/does not match reality, mistreats it. NiTe ... but NiFe is mostly the same, it just deals with ethical implications of acting or maintaining/moderating an order, being an example, while NiTe deals with logical implications of picturing something a certain way.

    i am also fairly lost with typical books of what you propose to be an Ti example. it does not give me the big picture. what is it supposed to be good for? what it is trying to do to my position/view? where is it coming from? it's just claiming stuff, there. how does it dare? it can be digestible, if i have previous understanding of the type of "big picture" for which this is going to be of relevance.

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    I guess this is sort of true for me as well. I find it really difficult to reign in my writing to fit the thesis, evidence, conclusion style. A lot of this has to do with a reluctance to restate things that I've already stated (i.e., why should I have a conclusion when, if you read and comprehended my writing, this conclusion should be obvious?). Plus I think that style is restrictive and limits the amount of small distinctions or discussion that can be included because it gets cut out of the format. It's useful for debate, though.
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    why should I have a conclusion when, if you read and comprehended my writing, this conclusion should be obvious?
    i remember thinking that, too, but i always like to come up with different wordings that are more to the point, and also further examples, because i assume that the reader will only be able, to know how to read my words, if an example provided, as words can often only be interpreted in context. for instance darkness could be imagined as brighter than blackness or as darker than white. or rigid can be "applying structure to the outside" or "demanding structure from the outside" which is just the opposite in a way. sometimes i have a hard time coming up with a good example, because my memory is not that good, i guess.

    >but i always like to come up with different wordings

    i know, my german teacher would probably not agree with me, that giving another wording is a proper conclusion. i don't really understand the difference of thesis and conclusion, maybe. but i believe, i can understand, what the reader is likely to understand in which order.

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    When I was in grad school (biophysics) I got dinged as they said I needed to work on my technical writing skills. My favorite INTJ looked me cold in the face and said "you add sentances that don't actually mean (ie contribute) anything. You write just like you talk" meaning somewhat prosaic. I didnt realize I was Ti lacking as compared to my peers.

    When I do try and write things from a T perspective they tend to be more Te sounding. Line by line commands, lists, instructions, directions. They can be very direct and pointed. Essays were always structured like I had been taught, but within that they are very prosaic.

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    Is that so much Ti vs Te or J vs P?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ygolo View Post
    But Ti reads more like a chapter in a Math or Science book: Factoid, example, Hypothesis, Theorem, Corollary...not particularly leading anywhere, but a bunch of information in chunks that you can basically take in any order.
    I don't know if I'd describe it as being like a Math or Science book, but yeah I notice I often just present random shit that doesn't necessarily lead in a straight line - but seems more web-like; with no particular starting or ending point but everything is somehow connected.

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    I cant' find my Te today but I found this quote from Joyce. (I actually read Joyce by picking up a book, opening to a random page and reading a page or two at a time)

    Chips, picking chips off rocky thumbnail, chips. Horrid! And gold flushed more.

    A husky fifenote blew.

    Blew. Blue bloom is on the

    Gold pinnacled hair.

    A jumping rose on satiny breasts of satin, rose of Castille.

    Trilling, trilling: I dolores.

    Peep! Who's in the... peepofgold?

    Tink cried to bronze in pity.

    And a call, pure, long and throbbing. Longindying call.

    Decoy. Soft word. But look! The bright stars fade. O rose! Notes chirruping answer. Castille. The morn is breaking.

    Jingle jingle jaunted jingling.

    Coin rang. Clock clacked.

    Avowal. Sonnez. I could. Rebound of garter. Not leave thee. Smack. La cloche! Thigh smack. Avowal. Warm. Sweetheart, goodbye!

    Jingle. Bloo.

    Boomed crashing chords. When love absorbs. War! War! The tympanum.

    A sail! A veil awave upon the waves.

    Lost. Throstle fluted. All is lost now.

    Horn. Hawhorn.

    When first he saw. Alas!

    Full tup. Full throb.

    Warbling. Ah, lure! Alluring

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    So for Ti you're basically saying it's not thought out or planned?

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    Definatly true for me.

    I think the difference is: Ti likes to write down how we met our conclusions, what we thought is important and like to try and show how we got to our conclusions. Whilest Te is more concerned with the factual results and how other people will read it.


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