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Thread: Type a Political Analyst

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    Default Type a Political Analyst

    Type this guy, if you feel like it. I want to see if other people think he's what I think...

    He is Lawrence O'Donnell, an MSNBC political analyst.


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    He is one that I'm not as familiar with as others, but from quick recolection (mostly on election night coverage), my gut feeling is ENTJ.

    In general, most political analysts and comentators come across as ENxJ to me, but because of the direct nature of the job, I think INxJs may come across as ENxJs since we are only seeing one aspect of them, but I don't think its quite as likely for INTPs to come across as ENTPs in the role of political analyst, but the only one I can think of that might be an INTP is Alan Colmes.

    Can anyone think of clear examples of INxx political analysts, or for that matter ISxx poltical analysts? The only additional ones that come to mind (and may or may not be spelled correctly) as seeming more introverted are Howard Fineman (IxxJ) and Jonathan Alter (IxTx).

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