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Thread: MBTI @ Blood pressure

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    I have kind of a low blood pressure...uhu
    not sure what my family members have

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    I should, by all rights, have high blood pressure given the amount of needless worrying I do, but I don't (unless I'm having a panic attack and hyperventilate, but that doesn't get that extreme very often).

    I have abnormally low blood volume which means I have abnormally low blood pressure (I do not know why this is...). I've had my vision go black just from standing up after sitting for a while and the blood rushing away from my head too fast. Or I get sick to my stomach when I stand too the point of where I can't see straight.

    However, this is probably a biological malfunction and probably a coincidence. It's possible that other perfectionist-type people are prone to high blood pressure...if not that then anxiety/panic attacks which can cause extremely high blood pressure.
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    I know an ISTJ and an ESTJ who take medication to lower their blood pressure.
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