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    For me it'd be with dealing with changes. When something changes... Difficult to focus until it's been sorted out and I have a rough idea of where and how things will move.

    Having said that... Often I'm the one that goes "Meh. It doesn't matter too much. Just a case of waiting to see" but I think that's because I feel that it's pointless to stress over these sort of things.

    I remember somebody mentioning Ps are more comfortable with uncertainty than J, who can handle it... but they won't be happy in that state.

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    I can tell a J, because they innately have to "fix" me, whether it be make sure I'm on time, some part of my clothing, or what ever. They just have too. I'm a J nightmare.
    Currently submerged under an avalanche of books and paper work. I may come back up for air from time to time.
    Real life awaits and she is a demanding mistress.


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    Quote Originally Posted by booyalab View Post
    I think you are projecting.

    1. The only way a P would doubt his words is if he acted more definite than his understanding allowed him to be. In other words, if he pretended to be a J.

    2. Just because someone makes a tentative statement that doesn't mean they think that the present context is going to offer something less tentative.

    Ps tend to be the most comfortable making tentative statements. Just like Js are the most comfortable making definite statements. The idea here isn't that we're all the same exact people making different decisions.
    I want to know what Kristiana meant by tentative since this is a subjective topic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lemons View Post

    And then the women started to play sports so they had to change the rules.
    I'm sure you meant, learn to put value in rules in the first place.

    Is another 'stereotype' that of associating F with women? Along those lines of comparison ye speak of, or want to engage a discourse?

    And....? To conclude?

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    I like to think that it was a joke. Makes life a whole lot easier.

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    I notice I'm with a P when I usually end up "taking more charge" of the situation than Perceiving person. I need to know where I'm getting into and sort of be in control of the situation, know what/when it is.

    It's especially heightened when the P uses indirect communication style:
    -I just got my paycheck
    Me - Wow that's cool. Have you decided what to do with the money?
    -Yes I'd like to buy pair of pants.
    -So what do you want to do here?
    Me - I don't know, I'm cool with everything.
    -Yea, me too. I wonder if they sell pants in the store...
    Me - We could go and look for them now?

    Etc .
    J is about direction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhinosaur View Post
    Associated with J-ism? I disagree, to a degree. Organization and punctuality manifests itself in multiple ways. For example, the house is a mess, but my teaching and research materials are quite organized. In addition, I am usually fairly punctual to school-related events, but often late to personal things like meeting someone for dinner or poker night with the guys.
    It's not perfect, and the personal sphere far outweighs the professional/career one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by entropie View Post
    I've read that P's are much more likely to engage in self-deprecating humor/make themselves the butt of the joke. My experiences tend to confirm this, as well.
    Extremes: Need To Pursue

    I like my cars fast, my music loud, and my women even faster and louder!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bluebell View Post
    I'm not sure how accurate this is but generally I look at whether or not someone is happy to wing it and make it up as they go along.
    Yeah, I think so, too. Js generally need a plan from the start. Ps feel uncomfortable having things planned from the start, like it's boxing us in. We need more of a "tentative suggested course of action that can be changed as the situation changes."

    A really good way to tell if someone's a J? Plan a vacation with them. The J in them will go NUTS buying travel books, buying supplies and contingency items, acquiring maps, etc. They'll want to leave at 4am so you can get there the same day, and they'll have a schedule for each day's activities. The P will consider the day of travel also a vacation day, and will want to sleep until they wake up, not really caring what time they get there. They might have read up on the place they're going, but they're not going to schedule things--they might have a vague idea of, "We should go to that new theme park, and maybe see that Titanic exhibit while it's there..." but they won't really care when. For a J, the planning of it is half the fun. For the P, planning the vacation takes the fun out of it.
    Something Witty

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    Quote Originally Posted by 563 740 View Post
    I've read that P's are much more likely to engage in self-deprecating humor/make themselves the butt of the joke. My experiences tend to confirm this, as well.
    haha, nice avatar

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