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View Poll Results: When do you work more effectively?

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  • I have a plan or goals I can work to (I am Judging)

    13 22.81%
  • I do what I have to do as I go along (I am Judging)

    6 10.53%
  • I have a plan or goals I can work to (I am Perceiving)

    17 29.82%
  • I do what I have to do as I go along (I am Perceiving)

    21 36.84%
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Thread: I work more effectively and productively when...

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    When I have a general idea of what I am doing, leaving it flexible somewhat and every day putting effort into each day by day, towards it, helps exponentially.

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    there should have been 4 more options, to distinguish between extroverted and introverted people

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    In my current job I'm the one who makes the plans/goals. So, I chose the other option. In previous jobs, I would have worked more effectively with clear goals but not necessarily plans, as I work better when I'm left to find the best route to the goal...
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    When I make a schedule of what needs to be done without filling in the details already or limiting myself by insisting on a set time to do a specific task.

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    Definitely, as I go along. No contest. First of all, for me accomplishing any task is a more cohesive, thorough process if I can do it... AS I do it. Trying to make a detailed plan before I start a) is mind-numbingly boring, b) never is sufficient (the plan always leaves things out or fails to take them into consideration) and most importantly c) takes focus away from the task at hand and puts it onto following and/or maintaining the plan. Now this doesn't mean that I just jump into things with absolutely no consideration about what I'm doing and what I need to succeed, especially for complex things, but less is almost always better (and let's face it... most stuff isn't that complex).

    I have a *horrible* time at work with this. I'm "required" to make a "detailed design plan" before I start anything... no matter how minor. Solution? Just do the job, *then* write the "plan" when I'm done, telling what I did. Sure, I could probably get in trouble for it... but anything else is just a waste of time and asking to miss stuff. Solutions, possible problems, and ways to address things come out naturally as I'm doing things - but NOT when I'm focusing on paperwork. Just the way it is. Wish me luck in getting the boss to believe it, though.

    Note: I consider "plans" very different from "goals" - knowing what you're trying to do (goals) is important, but is usually a simple and pretty vague outcome-based thing. Saying how you will go about achieving it before you even get started (plans) is what I usually find counterproductive.

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    When I find something in my hands that needs be doing, I do it well. I do things as they pop up, and don't really have a system or organization when dealing with tasks at hand, but either do them when you arise, or do them when I have nothing else going on..which is usually the result of procrastination.

    I find that I can do tasks really well..when I eventually get around to doing them, which is the hardest part, it takes off and I can do a really great job, as there's always a way.
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