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Thread: MBTI and looking happy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lady X View Post
    it is interesting...i think it's the personality expressed that changes...not the actual shape of your features...unless that does actually happen and i have no idea.
    You actually look very happy in the picture. It's quite adorable.

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    I didn't realize how I came off to other people, until I started asking around. Word is I don't act like an ass, but I don't look thrilled either. I guess laid back and somewhat uninterested. I always get the,"Smile!" "You don't look too happy." "What's wrong?" from strangers-men. So, I can't tell if it's a pickup line or what. It really pisses me off sometimes. I've been shooting back with,"Say something funny." They don't like that too much. I am content without plastering a big cheesy smile on my face all the time so the whole world can be content and feel comfortable with themselves. I am interested in knowledge, mostly, and humor falls second. Too me, it's strange when people walk around smiling for no reason. That's creepy. I have a friend who smiles ALL the time, even when I'm talking about death. Weird.
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    I usually look very positive, except when I'm around extremely negative people. Those people always tell me I shouldn't be ooking like that and that it's certainly a family trait of mine. But most of the time I seem to come across as happy, lively, energetic and approachable, from what I notice.
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    I get told I look menacing or serious often. Then they see how much of a goofball I can be.

    No one would say I looked happy though.

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    I get told that I come off as a joyful person, someone who takes delight in just about everything. And I'm an ENFP.

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    I get told I smile too much.
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    Quote Originally Posted by alicia91 View Post
    What I want to know is -- who the heck are these people who look so darn happy and radiate positivity all the time?
    Many are most likely Extroverted Perceivers, but you can bet your sweet ass that ESTPs are among those with the widest, shit eating grins of the entire lot.

    Quote Originally Posted by alicia91 View Post
    Most people seem to be neutral or sometimes look a bit happy or sad, others have a happy default and others just look negative.
    Remember, the FACIAL EXPRESSIONS that people wear are one thing, your PERCEPTIONS of them is another entirely. My wife fights with this concept alot. She is very sweet, but also very reserved, and so many people think she looks "bitchy" but that is not the case at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by alicia91 View Post
    I'd think that extroverted feelers look the happiest. I'm very jealous of these types because I think it's a huge asset to have this positive glow.
    I disagree, I think it is more prone to be extroverted perceivers. I know a handful of extroverted feelers, and none of them are near so full of mirth as their EP cousins...

    Also, I don't know what value there is to being a jolly bastard. I put up with the same bullshit that other folks do each day, I just do it differently.

    Quote Originally Posted by alicia91 View Post
    Unfortunately I do not. I've been told that I look kind of bitchy and that I'm friendlier than I look.
    You and my wife both, see above...

    Quote Originally Posted by alicia91 View Post
    What type are you and what kind of face to you present to the world?
    I am an ESTP / 7w8 and I am constantly in a good mood, from the moment I rise to my final act each evening, life is a peach to me.

    Here's a photo of me with my Aunt Dana, taken a few months ago:

    Here's a photo of me taken a few moments later with her husband, my Uncle Jimmy:

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    my default is solemn and spaced-out, sometimes gloomy and miserable even though i am not necessarily that

    other times i smile and am real bright

    i have very soft features so i look gentle all the time

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    Quote Originally Posted by guesswho View Post
    You actually look very happy in the picture. It's quite adorable.
    um...what picture?
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    I look pissed off most of the time or so I have been told. People think I'm sick sometimes too. I just look angry or sad most of the time unless I make conscious effort to smile.
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