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Thread: Can the type functions be explained by neuroscience?

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    ipersonic? its not so much a "test", as a questionnaire. it asks for your "4 letters" by presenting them with a list of examples. there is nothing special about it. the only reason why i recommended it, is because the test is only the portal to a NING community, a messageboard (mit einigen partnerb÷rsen artigen features), so since i assumed you are german you would enjoy looking at all the profiles, there are some from berlin

    they have renamed the types, so for example INFJ is called "harmony seeking idealist" oder "harmoniesuchender idealist" (HI)


    actually ipersonic tries to be rather international, but the ning based messageboards are currently divided, so if you register on the german site your profile will not show up on the other sites

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    Quote Originally Posted by nanook View Post
    oh well i didn't realize that they have protected the name "mbti". if i see a re-branding i just try to read between the lines,
    Just to be clear, it isn't rebranded. MBTI is owned by CPP and their research arm is CAPT.

    The others tend to emulate MBTI because it became mainstream and the general system was pretty open before it got closed off. However, most systems don't differ significantly anyway, no matter how they end up being developped. They all tend to share core traits that are generally accepted to be universal facets of personalities. Anyone could create their own tests from validated tests like IPIP/Neo, which are robust enough to be used for research.

    There are other kinds of tests that don't fit into these molds, but they will tend to be rather narrow (ie: looking for a particular facet/interactive effect, like "sales tests") or built on a different questionnaire system (ie: Predictive Index), but generally are still slicing some manner of the core facets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajblaise View Post
    Health Leader, Introverts vs. Extroverts

    At the least, it looks like there is a correlation. It's very interesting how extroversion/introversion relates to dopamine.
    Ah yes, I've heard of that concept in Psy D. Marti Laney's book The Introvert Advantage. If I was at home I'd quote it, but I'm at work right now.

    I'll be demanding any boyfriend of mine to read that book over. Will solve a lot of problems before they come up.
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