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Thread: P type eights

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    We all know ENTJs are sterotypical eights. But what about percievers? Are there any Perciever eights here?

    What type could they be?
    I'm 3/8

    And I think any person who is extremely Type A fits the 3/8 type description

    ESFP's are usually too human to be 8s They bring out the 7 in me...
    ENTP's are usually the mavericks, living completely in the intuitive present (they're always so relaxed and confident ), so more likely 7w8s, but 8 is possible too.
    ESTP's are usually 3s, but they can be like 8s

    All in all, every ExxP is very inspiring and that's the main strength of the 8.
    Different inspiring than J's, but inspiring nonetheless.
    So that's what they have in common.
    bruised and battered ENTJ sx/sp/so 8w9
    Tri-fix: 8w9 sx/sp - 3w4 sp/sx - 5w6 soc/sx

    (I'm secretly ENxP, but don't tell anyone)

    "Mother, I love you, I never meant to hit you over the head with that shovel."

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    I am not a 3, 8 but i lie between 8, 7 and 5. Nevertheless 8w7 is too strong for me, so i would call myself a 5w8.
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