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Thread: If you were a different type...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amargith View Post
    I'd prolly be more succesfull careerwise, and fit more in with society and its demands. However, other, more spiritual parts of my life would be non-existent, as would be my interest in the studies I'm currently following. I'd prolly have a higher IQ but maybe less of an EQ. It would balance out, I'm sure.
    Same, I would definately get a whole lot more done and probably be alot more successful than I am now, but I wouldn't be interested in the things I love now, and I'm not sure I would be happy giving up those things.
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    I can't imagine being a real ESTJ. I wouldn't be the same at all. Some how I think life would be some what easier. I wouldn't be the awkard bugger I am now. I'd be sporty probably, and probably join the police or army. I would hope I would stay about the same intelligence, but my strengths would be completely different. I wouldn't think nearly as deeply...that would be strange.
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