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    ENTPs seem to socialize with Ne just as much as Fe dispite their Ti efforts. I wonder how much Ti clashes with Fe.

    Te doesn't seem to clash with Fi that often for me.

    In any case I think INTJs are a bit more introverted than INTPs.

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    The INTP is the most introverted of all.

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    Extroverted Extrovert: ESXP
    Introverted Extrovert: ENXP, EXTJ
    Extroverted Introvert: INFJ (ISFX seems more quieter, many ISFJs are shy and ISFPs are silent lonewolves, but INFJs are so social they get mistaken for extroverts, so yeah INFJ would be the most outgoing, I think.)
    Introverted Introvert: INTx, INFP

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    I can be kinda 'introverted' for an extrovert, if I choose to be. Especially when I'm on my own, reading a book. I don't think MBTI has a lot to do with it. I would go with individual person. If a person is inclined to be quiet, they will be quiet, regardless of MBTI type. For me, it has more to do with how people use the functions to fit their own personality, rather than generalizations. And environment plays a role also, and job too. If you're an ESFP, who ended up in an office job, you aren't exactly gonna be the life of the party. Are you?

    Or if you're an ENFJ accountant, you are going to use your logic to solve problems, aren't you?

    And also, in rare cases, some people have developed functions before others, due to certain factors.

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